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A GIF FROM US TO YOU (ACTUALLY 10 GIFS) March 22 2017, 0 Comments

So Daddy Issues teamed up with GIPHY to bring you the only gifs you will ever need for the rest of your life. Watch:

When wedding season is around the corner (via @PTibz)

When yr buddy's not sure if they're gonna preorder Deep Dream even though u keep tellin them that ltd ed vinyl's gonna run out soon
When someone tells you to stop listening to "In Your Head" on repeat


There's more where those came from! Use em by searching "daddy issues" in your fav GIPHY app, or going straight to their GIPHY page.


"A statement on Freakin Weekend:

In light of the controversies surrounding this year's Freakin Weekend, after much deliberation, we have decided to move forward with our scheduled performance on Saturday night. This was not a decision we made easily, but as the only women on Saturday's bill, we think we can do more good for the Nashville scene by performing, sharing our songs with the community and hopefully serving as a reminder of the inexhaustible power of women than we can by not performing at all. We will be donating all earnings from our performance to RAINN, an amazing resource for survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

Hope to see some of you there."

Via Daddy Issues' Facebook


Yucky Duster have a brand spankin' new video out for "Elementary School Dropout"! Watch as they totally nail their talent show act-- plus watch for some truly wild feats like stuffing as many cheetos as possible into your mouth and bending your finger back very very far. You can check out the premiere on VICE, who also wrote "Yucky Duster are just four friends who like to write songs together. Those songs happen to be some of the best coming out of Brooklyn right now, but the band probably wouldn't care much either way. Their latest EP, Duster's Lament, packs a lot of corkscrewing hooks into five songs." You pick up that EP right here or at one of their shows!

3/3 - Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville - TIX
3/6 - Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale - TIX
3/11 - Atlanta, GA @ 529 - TIX
3/12/17- Athens, GA @ WUOG's Backyard BBQ
3/17/17- Austin, TX @ SXSW (Esther's Follies @ Midnight)
4/29 - Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale - TIX
5/17 - Philadelphia, PA @ Boot and Saddle*
6/15 - Washington, DC @ Black Cat*
6/16 - New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine*

*w/Charly Bliss


....And you know what? THEY ARE RIGHT!

The Chicago Reader previewed Dehd's release show at The Empty Bottle next Thursday with a nice lil write up. They said "while on their 2016 self-titled album (Maximum Pelt/Fire Talk) Dehd dole out minimal, droning melodies, the easygoing simplicity of their beguiling material belying an expert sense of atmosphere, their grasp of the world around them is more evident on the Infinity Cat cassette, Fire of Love. On it Dehd dive into watery shoegaze and chilly postpunk that feels like it blew in from northern England." But you don't have to go all the way to northern England to check out Dehd! You can just go to Chicago! Get your tickets to their show with Bunny and Coffin Ships HERE and preorder Fire Of Love before its March 10th release date HERE.


Hey weren't we just posting on this thing? Well, we're back, cuz Daddy Issues preorder bundles sold out in just a few hours. Sorry, but we told ya not to wait on them! The good news is, we got some more translucent gold vinyl that you can get yr paws on. These are limited to 300 copies (and 100 are already spoken for, of course) so for real, do not sleep on these. 

If you like yr tunes to be digital, you can also preorder the album from iTunes! It's at a special preorder price of only $7.99 AND you'll get "In Your Head" right away!

OK that's all for now, glad yall are stoked on this album, we know you're gonna love it!







Produced by JEFF bro Jake Orrall (Colleen Green, Heavy Cream), Deep Dream combines all the best parts of 80s alternative, 90s grunge, and 00s pop and tackles the difficulties of friendship, heartbreak, mental health, sexual assault and a number of other issues that come with the package of youth in the modern world. You can get yr first taste of it thanks to The Fader, who's premiering their first single "In Your Head" TODAY! They called it "a killer grunge kiss-off to terrible exes everywhere" and trust us, you're gonna wanna play this one loud and you're gonna wanna play it on repeat. Listen HERE or below!

"In Your Head" starts with the words we've always wanted to say to our shitty exes: "Fuck You Forever." And those are also the words printed on the koozies that you'll get if you preorder their v special preorder bundle. When we say special, we mean special. They come with Deep Dream on limited edition translucent gold vinyl, a FUCK YOU FOREVER koozie, and a satin pouch filled with glow in the dark stars that you can put on yr ceiling to stare at while you slip into a deep dream. Now, we only have 100 of these babies, so preorder now because they're gonna go quick! SOLD OUT. But we have released the rest of the gold vinyl- limited to 300 so don't snooze or you WILL lose!

After you preorder, make sure to get yr TICKETS for Daddy Issues' huge spring tour. They're currently wrapping up their dates w/Tacocat, then they'll be hitting a couple fests (Freakin Weekend, Savannah Stopover, SXSW) before heading out with Diet Cig.


Valentine's Day might be over but it's always a good time to make a mix for yr crush! And we have the perfect song for you: "Holding" by Dehd, premiering today on Post-Trash! They wrote "built on minimal post-punk rhythms and garage pop jangle, the song would be obnoxiously cute if it didn't sound a bit sinister, thanks in no small part to the deep bleeding bass line and haunting reverb. Balla's vocals are exaggerated and unfurled (in a way that reminds me of The B-52s) as he asks "do you understand, I just want to hold your hand" over a bed of angular pop guitars and sparse drums. It's a moment of warm feelings and adorable sentiments (as is the repeated "holding" mantra) amid a record that spends the majority of its run time in the post-punk depths." Awww! Jump over to Post-Trash for the exclusive premiere!

Fire Of Love is out March 10 but you can preorder a tape for you & yr #1 babe right HERE! It's on a lovely shade of pale pink cassette, limited to 350 copies as part of our Infinity Cat Cassette Series, and will ship to arrive on your doorstep by March 10. ICCS subscribers, your tapes and bonus items will be on the way shortly!

FREAKIN WEEKEND VIII: THE FINAL FREAK February 20 2017, 0 Comments

The fine folks at NASHVILLE'S DEAD announced Freakin Weekend VIII today, our most favorite weekend out of the whole dang year! It's a little bittersweet cuz this is gonna be the very last one. Can't believe it's been going on for eight years now, some of our favorite shows have been FW sets and some of our favorite friendships are once we've made at FW. Gonna be sad to see it go.
But the good news is Freakin Weekend's goin out with a bang! Our v own Diarrhea Planet, Daddy Issues, AND Music Band are playing, along with buddies PUJOL, Ranch Ghost, and more. Check out the announced line up HERE, and keep an eye on the FB event page HERE. After all, with nights at The End and Exit/In and day shows at Fort Houston, there's a loooottttt of bands yet to be announced.

INTRODUCING... DEHD February 08 2017, 0 Comments

These dudes ain't dead- but they are DEHD! The next band in our Infinity Cat Cassette Series! That's right, we are super excited to announce Fire Of Love, the new EP from Chicago post-punks Dehd, out in March. Get yr First Listen of the title track thanks to GoldFlakePaint. They said "Dehd’s new track “Fire Of Love” doesn’t find itself balanced between the two polar opposites of light and dark, it positively leaps head first in to each realm in turn, twisting through so many gleaming peaks and shadowy troughs all in under three-and-a-half minutes. The title track to the band forthcoming cassette, which is released via Infinity Cat’s exceedingly good tape series, “Fire Of Love” finds the Chicago trio in spectacularly moody form, and it makes for an altogether resounding journey."
Read the rest of their write up and LISTEN UP HERE! We're super stoked about this EP, which hits all the highs and lows of that fickle thing called love! There's a little bit of post-punk, a little bit of garage rock, and a whole lot to love. Fire Of Love is out March 10th on pale pink tape as part of our cassette series curated by the 1 and only Casey Weissbuch.

MORE LOVE FOR OUR FAV DUSTERS! February 06 2017, 0 Comments


It's Monday morning and we wish we were in Brooklyn. Why? Because YUCKY DUSTER is playing tonight at THE SILENT BARN and WE WANNA GO. But we can't, so you should go in our place and take lots of pictures and we will heart them all on Instagram and be like dang, we are v thankful for the ease with which the internet has brought distant experiences closer to home and we will smile and smile and we just won't be able to stop.

Turns out we're not the only people feeling this way in Nashville, cuz 50 Third and 3rd made "Duster's Lament" their song of the Day! They said "'Duster’s Lament' is a catchy, indie-pop diddy that leaves you feeling content- a happy and mellow punk-rock that leaves you reaching for the repeat button." Ain't that the truth. Check out the rest of their write up here and get some that Yucky Duster tape in yr life here!

Update: OH DANG! Radio K has beamed their Weekly Release Spotlight on Duster's Lament this week! Don't forget to keep callin and tweetin yr local college radio station and tellin em you wanna get DUSTY!!!


As a lot of you know, Bandcamp is donating their share of sales to the ACLU today, which is very cool. We aren't officially on Bandcamp, but a lot of the bands that we've worked with are, so we've compiled a list for those of you looking to support music and free speech today:

Big Surr:
Colleen Green:
Cross Country:
Cy Barkley:
Daddy Issues:
Dead Soft:
Denny and the Jets:
Diarrhea Planet:
Dion Lunadon:
Dirty Dreams:
Ed Schrader's Music Beat:
Faux Ferocious:
Fielded (Cake Bake Betty):
Guerilla Toss:
King Bitch:
Left & Right:
Milk Dick:
Music Band:
No Regrets Coyote:
Rozwell Kid:
Slanted (Casey Weissbuch):
Spanish Candles:
Stoneham Tapes (Breast Massage/old JEFF):
Study Hall:
The City and I:
Thunderzone (Juiceboxxx):
Toby Coke:
Uncle Bad Touch:
Wet Illustrated:
White Reaper:
Yucky Duster:


Hands down one of the best shows we went to last year was Daddy Issues and Diet Cig at The Masquerade in ATL. Both bands sounded great, the all-ages audience went NUTS (OURSELVES INCLUDED TBH), and there was even a Harry Potter dance party afterwards. We left wishing that everyone could have experienced the beautiful night that we had, AND NOW YOU CAN BECAUSE DADDY ISSUES IS JOINING DIET CIG ON THEIR SPRING TOUR!!! (Up to you to don some robes and host a Wizarding Ball though.)

Of course, in a few weeks, Daddy Issues will be out west with the always fantastic Tacocat. Check out those dates -- plus more from fellow ICat bands -- below and get yr tix now or forever hold yr peace!

Daddy Issues

2/17 - Dallas, TX @ Three Links - TIX*
2/18 - Austin, TX @ Barracuda - TIX*
2/20 - Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf - TIX*
2/25 - Oakland, CA @ Noise Pop - TIX*
2/27 - Chico, CA @ Chico Womens' Club - TIX*
2/28 - Eugene, OR @ The Boreal - TIX*
3/1 - Tacoma, WA @ Real Art - TIX*
3/4 - Spokane, WA @ The Bartlett - TIX*
3/9 - Savannah, GA @ Savannah Stopover - TIX
3/16-18 - Austin, TX @ SXSW (Get Alternative Unofficial Showcase) - RSVP
4/5 - New Haven, CT @ Bar - TIX^
4/6 - Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle - TIX^
4/7 - Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right (Early Show) - TIX^
4/8 - Allston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall - TIX^
4/10 - Montreal, QC @ Bar Le Ritz - TIX^
4/11 - Toronto, ON @ Drake Hotel - TIX^
4/12 - Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar^
4/13 - Washington, DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel - TIX^
4/14 - Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5 - TIX^
4/15 - Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle - TIX^
4/18 - Orlando, FL @ Will's Pub - TIX^
4/19 - Tampa, FL @ New World Brewery - TIX^
4/20 - Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder^
4/21 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade - TIX^
4/22 - Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor - TIX^

* w/Tacocat
^w/Diet Cig

Colleen Green

4/14 - Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel - TIX
4/15 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Bell House - TIX
4/16 - Allston, MA @ Great Scott - TIX
4/17 - Montreal, QC @ Bar le "Ritz" P.D.B - TIX
4/19 - Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern - TIX
4/20 - Cleveland Heights, OH @ Grog Shop - TIX
4/21 - Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall - TIX
4/22 - St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club - TIX

4/25 - Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile - TIX
4/26 - Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret - TIX
4/28 - San Francisco, CA @ Independent - TIX
4/29 - Los Angeles, CA @ Echo - TIX
4/30 - San Diego, CA @ Casbah - TIX

JEFF The Brotherhood

2/22 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter - TIX
2/24 - New York, NY @ Sunnydale - TIX
3/9 - Savannah, GA @ Savannah Stopover - TIX
3/10 - Charleston, NC @ The Royal American - TIX
3/18 - St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway - TIX

Peach Kelli Pop

2/17 - Honolulu, HI @ Downbeat Lounge - TIX
3/12 - Long Beach, CA @ Alex's Bar - TIX 

White Reaper

2/16 - Davenport, IA @ GAS Feed & Seed Fest - TIX

Yucky Duster 

2/6 - Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium - TIX
2/16 - Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville - TIX
3/3 - Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville - TIX
3/6 - Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale - TIX


GET ALTERNATIVE, AUSTIN! January 31 2017, 0 Comments

The fine folks at The Alternative just announced their first ever SXSW (unofficial) showcase and DANG DID THEY NAIL IT ON THE FIRST TRY! Look at that poster, guys. I mean really look at it. Daddy Issues is playing with like every other band you like, it's only $5 a day, and it's ALL AGES. ALL AGES! AT SXS! If you're headed down to Austin, you know what you gotta do. RSVP on Facebook here.

Pre-SXSW, Daddy Issues will be headed west with our fav palindromic rock stars, Tacocat! Dates and tix for that are below. Catch em and maybe you'll get to hear a new song or two off their forthcoming album...

2/17 - Dallas, TX @ Three Links - TIX*
2/18 - Austin, TX @ Barracuda - TIX*
2/20 - Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf - TIX*
2/25 - Oakland, CA @ Noise Pop - TIX*
2/27 - Chico, CA @ Chico Womens' Club - TIX*
2/28 - Eugene, OR @ The Boreal - TIX*
3/1 - Tacoma, WA @ Real Art - TIX*
3/4 - Spokane, WA @ The Bartlett - TIX*
* w/Tacocat

LOOK OUT AUSTIN, IT'S ABOUT TO GET DUSTY! January 24 2017, 0 Comments

That's right, our friends in Yucky Duster are headed down to Austin as *official* SXSW artists. Fancy! That means, of course, that they're touring their way down from Brooklyn to Austin. If you've got anything they can hop on for the way down (specifically NOLA 3/14) or any unofficial shows during SXSW, please reach out to us or them. 

In other YD news, Anthony Fantano reviewed Duster's Lament on The Needledrop last weekend, calling it a "five-song set of earnest, introspective indie rock and pop" and "a little punk, a little twee." He had a lot of great things to say about the cassette and its mix of personality and introspection, giving it a "light to decent 7" (lol) out of 10. You can peep the video on his website or below!




HEY NASHVILLE! I get it, we're the It City, there's a ton of stuff to do on the weekend and many Netflix shows to binge, but I'm tellin ya, THIS IS THE VERY BEST THING YOU COULD DO THIS WEEKEND.

Honestly, in general, the very best thing you could ever do is go to a free Daddy Issues show. But we hear that they're gonna have a very special guest on the drums tonight. A special guest whose name rhymes with Schmevan Schmird. From Schmiarrhea Schmanet. Plus, you have to wonder... Will they play new songs, from their top-secret-but-soon-to-be-released album? Well, we ain't gonna tell you! You'll just have to go and see for yourself! (BTW, if you haven't read Ruse Magazine's new feature on Daddy Issues yet, check it out here.)

PLUS, our dear friends in Savoy Motel are headlining! For those of you who have been living under a rock, that's Jess and Mimi from Heavy Cream's new band. And it rules. Not to mention the rest of the lineup, not to mention that they're gonna do it all over again with another free show on Saturday. C'mon! That's a no-brainer folks!



If you're in the New York area, make sure to TUNE IN to MNN tonight at 11 PM EST for The Special Without Brett Davis, featuring our very own YUCKY DUSTER as the musical guests! This week is hosted by, uh, Chris Hardwick and features comedians Nick Turner (Fallon, Comedy Central), Shalewa Sharpe, and Jeffrey Gurian (Jeffrey Gurian's Comedy Matters, Kroll Show) (okay that part is true), which means this is gonna be an all-around hilarious and happy show that you do not wanna miss (also true)!

You can attend live by emailing and heading to the MNN Studios around 10:45 pm, or tune yr tv sets to MNN (that's TWC 67 & 1998; RCN 85; FiOS 36). Not in New York? Don't worry! You can stream live at, or catch up later on their youtube channel.


Feast yr eyeballs on THIS, folks! Nashville Cream's got a sick scene report of last weekend's benefit show featuring our very own Music Band in one of the most stacked line ups we've seen in a long time. The show went down at The East Room and benefited the Oasis Center, which provides shelter, counseling, and other programming for local at-risk teens. For the whole scoop and photos by Lance Conzett, jump over to the Cream.

While this was all going down, JTB was up in Chicago playing Tomorrow Never Knows fest. Paste Magazine was there to capture the whole thing in "neon-drenched" photos by Sarah Hess. Peep those picks HERE, and if you haven't read Paste's most recent interview with JTB, check that out HERE.


It's a beautiful week to listen to Yucky Duster! We have a feeling that's gonna be true EVERY WEEK FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES, but we've been playing their tape non-stop since we put it out on Friday. And you know what, I don't think we're the only ones. Cuz The Grey Estates made it their ALBUM OF THE WEEK! They said "Duster's Lament is like stepping onto a merry-go-round, with the off-kilter and engaging pop of Yucky Duster serving as your soundtrack. The four Brooklyn friends follow up their previously released full length with this release, 5-tracks of garage pop that epitomize the highs and lows of growing up and making it through each day... Even in the face of feeling like a total bummer, Yucky Duster finds a way to make it all seem okay - "I don't mean to get you down/I'm just having one of those years." If you can't bear to face the day or you need a reason to smile, the Brooklynites' merry-go-round is here to help you hide. All you need is the cotton candy." Read the rest of their review HERE.

The Current also reviewed Duster's Lament over the weekend, saying "Every song on the new EP has a line in it that is sure to make listeners smile... This offbeat humor, coupled with the group’s penchant for upbeat rhythms and sweet pop harmonies, seems to sprout right out of the head of Weezer’s “Blue Album.” Which reminds us! Make sure yr callin yr local college radio and tellin em you wanna hear more YUCKY DUSTER!

But THAT'S NOT ALL!! Mr. Anthony Fantano himself reviewed their last single "The Ropes" in his Best Tracks Of The Week round up (that makes two outta two singles!). You can watch that for yrself below. And afterwards, pick up a copy of Yucky Duster's new tape HERE!


GATHER YE DUSTERS WHILE YE MAY January 13 2017, 0 Comments


That's right everybody, Yucky Duster's incredible new EP Duster's Lament is FINALLY OUT. Online, at shows, in stores, and here at our v own Guys we cannot stress enough how great this tape is. Despite the name, it's the perfect pick-me-up if you're bumming out thanks to the super relatable lyrics ("I don't mean to be a drag, I'm just having one of these years"? C'mon!) and the underlying sense of whimsy flowing through each tracks. Frankly, it's hard to put how much we love this cassette into words so here's some from folks around the web:

"Duster’s Lament is an EP of lamentations for our collective lives & world that will help us all as a people commiserate together as an exhausted & sometimes embarrassed (& overall embarrassing for that matter) world. Yucky Duster have made the record for our times that mixes the weird, awkward, bad, good, strange & unreal all together in a string of associative narratives that stream through the same clever pop tributary." -  IMPOSE Magazine

"Yucky Duster shine with an ever present sense of clever innocence and joyous mischief in their songs. Duster's Lament, the band's new EP is a bit darker than their debut, but it's as apparent as ever that the band are having fun as they dig through life's bummers with a smirk." - POST-TRASH

"Yucky Duster are here to brighten your day.  They are four friends from Brooklyn who together make a DIY melodic punk racket – think of the energy of Hinds playing the songs of Mac Demarco with the attitude of The Vaselines and you’ll get close... This EP shows a significant development in their songwriting chops...  It’s a winning blend of tight writing and loose production." God is in the TV

You can - AND ABSOLUTELY SHOULD - pick up Yucky Duster's Duster's Lament on sunshine yellow cassette RIGHT HERE. Part of the Infinity Cat Cassette Series, curated by the always fantastic Casey Weissbuch.

WEEK END ROUND UP: 12/2 - 12/9 December 09 2016, 0 Comments

  • BIGGEST NEWS O THE WEEK! We are oh so very excited to announce Yucky Duster as our next Cassette Series band!! Their new single “Elementary School Dropout” premiered on Stereogum on Monday and lemme tell ya, it’s 100% guaranteed to put a smile on that face of yours! Duster’s Lament is out 1/13 on ltd ed sunshine yellow tape, but if you wanna make sure you get a copy in your mailbox come January, you can snag one of our last Cassette Series Subscriptions right here.
  • We ain’t the only ones lovin’ on Yucky Duster. The Grey Estates called their new single “the sweetest ode to being the bad kid ever” (among some other v v nice things) and Spanish blog Mindies said they “canta a todas esas cosas tediosas de nuestras vidas de una forma siempre entusiasta, adoptando la frescura propia del power pop sin adherirse al género totalmente.” (Practice your high school Spanish CUZ WE’RE GOIN GLOBAL!!)
  • Speaking of the Cassette Series, Gold Flake Paint named Cross Country’s Trials one of their Essential Tapes of 2016! If you haven’t picked up their debut tape on crystal clear cassette, you can either snag it on its own OR as part of our holiday tape bundles. Either way, you just gotta DOO IT!
  • Post-Trash also reviewed Cross Country’s album, calling it “a considerable step up for the band, both in terms of song-craft and instrumental prowess.” Check that out here!
  • Next week, JEFF The Brotherhood’s headed out on a mini-tour round the south! Check out those dates & tix here, and GO SEE A SHOW. Maybe you’ll even be able to catch the elusive yeti…

  • Diarrhea Planet announced another date on their trek to their New Year Eve bash at The Sinclair. Peep those dates & tix here.
  • Treble showing a lot of love and spittin a lot of truth in their Best of 2016 lists. “Bob Dylan’s Grandma” came in at #69 on their list of Best Songs, while Turn To Gold itself swung it at #34 on their list of Best Albums. Both posts are Recommended Reading for their glorious descriptions of DP.
  • Another year, another Year In Band Names. At this point, it’s an Infinity Cat rite of passage to make AV Club’s list of bad band names so we’d like to give our congratulations to MUSIC BAND for making the list this year! (And shouts out to Nashville buds like Soccer Mommy, Goth Babe, Meth Dad, and more for also making the list.)


HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY!! Or really, Happy Start Of Our Annual Rarities Sale Benefiting The Southern Girls Rock Camp Day. That's right, our ebay is FILLED with Infinity Cat rarities galore! Like pretty much every test pressing that exists, from Boys R Back in Town and Not Rocket Science to Wake Up Laughing and Turn To Gold. Like props from JEFF The Brotherhood's "In My Mouth" music video, Jamin's original watercolor that later became Be Your Own Pet's cover art, posters and plagues that adorned the old Infinity Cathouse. Like every out of print Daddy Issues release (signed!) in one big ol pack, that historic The Sex/Jimmy Cushman? split CD (sealed!), the last copies of OG out of print/tour only JTB 7"s. We're even selling Jake's old Epiphone! This is gonna be the biggest, baddest Rarities Sale of all. As always, the bidding starts at 99 cents and a portion of the proceeds goes to the Southern Girls Rock Camp. The auction ends at noon next Friday, so bid early, bid often, and GOOD LUCK!

WEEK END ROUND UP: 11/12 - 11/18 November 18 2016, 0 Comments

  • Yo we cannot BELIEVE that it's almost Thanksgiving and Black Friday and therefore, our annual Rarities Sale benefiting the Southern Girls Rock n Roll Camp!! We've been pulling some great stuff for you guys this week, like some very rare test pressings, original artwork, an entire guitar, and much much more. Keep an eye on our eBay page and our socials for more info coming soon!
  • Black Friday will also see the release of a special set of black-on-black cassettes. That's right, Breast Massage's Cruisin' For Filth is the latest installment of our Infinity Cat Cassette Series and they are loud and dark as heck. Check out the first single on Stereogum. And ICCS subscribers, your tapes are on the way!
  • Boston, you lucky ducks. You get to ring in the new year with the one and only DIARRHEA PLANET. They're playing The Sinclair on NYE with Vundabar and tickets are ON SALE NOW! Trust us, we've spent a lot of New Years Eves in a DP mosh pit and that is NOT something you wanna miss!
  • Speaking of Diarrhea Planet, this Buzzfeed quiz popped into our brains this week: "Which Member of Diarrhea Planet Are You?" Not sure why, but we're glad it did. And for the record, we used to be Brent but now we're Hodan. We love both!
  • ICCS alum SWIM TEAM will be headed out on the road this December. Check out those dates here and give em a warm welcome!! And remember, we are SOLD OUT of their debut cassette so catchin em on tour's the only way you can guarantee you get a copy!

  • OK, we get that for some of you, winter might not be your thing. It's cold. Gets dark early. Can't blame ya. So here's something to look forward to in the spring: SAVANNAH STOPOVER. Both JTB and Daddy Issues are playing, which means you're in for a guaranteed good time!
  • Upset Magazine sat down with JEFF The Brotherhood to talk about their journey of 15+ years in the music industry. It's as frank and self-deprecating as you'd expect from the J-Bros. Great, honest read.
  • Our buddies at WXNA are in the middle of their first ever pledge drive. If you dig their radio shows (shouts out 80s Schmaties, which we're listening to as we write this!) or if you just wanna support community radio, you can support them here!
  • Our old pals Big Surr have a new single out called "Sometimes." Like their dreamy (sold out- sorry!) Econoline 7" of yesteryear, it's a laid-back bit of pop that'll put you in the dancin mood! Check it out on She Shreds.
  • SHOWS YOU'LL CATCH US AT: we're making the trek down to ATL this weekend to catch Daddy Issues with Diet Cig and World's Greatest Dad. Diet Dads? Greatest Daddy Cig? Whatever you wanna call it, we call it a dang good time. Get yr tix and join us!


WEEK END ROUND UP: 10/31 - 11/4 November 04 2016, 0 Comments

  • ALRIGHT BBS WE GOT A NEW BREAST MASSAGE SINGLE IF YOU THINK YR EARS CAN HANDLE IT. That’s right, the loudest band in Nashville and everyone’s favorite JEFF The Brotherhood/Diarrhea Planet/King Karl supergroup is our next Infinity Cat Cassette Series and their “brooding grungy crusher” first single “Bathing The Dog” premiered on Stereogum this week. Cruisin’ For Filth is out 11/25 on black-on-black tapes, and you can subscribe to our Cassette Series to guarantee that a copy (and a special bonus item) lands in yr doorstep ASAP.
  • Not enough Breast Massage for ya? Check out their spooky teaser video on Nashville Cream, featuring a “descent into sludgy riffery and mighty aggro growling” backed by the Nashville City Cemetery.
  • Get loud and #STAYLOUD with Skullcandy’s latest behind the scenes video of Diarrhea Planet’s insane Bowery Ballroom show.
  • NASHVILLE! JEFF The Brotherhood r back in town and playing The Basement East TOMORROW with Mom and Dad and Spodee Boy and if we don’t see you there crowdsurfin yer hearts out then I mean what are we even doing here buddy??? Tickets. Now. Show. Tomorrow. See you then.

  • DP is out on the road once again! Things are kicking off at Sound on Sound Fest in Texas tomorrow, then headed out further west with the dudes in Lovely Bad Things. Check out them dates here and get your tix!
  • Peep some pics of NASHVILLE YOUTH CULTURE by ya girl Wrenne Evans on TMRW Magazine. They are a) very dope because she is very talented and b) full of young punks we love. #RIPJAWWS
  • Our buddy Perry Shall, who you definitely know as the artist behind a ton of JEFF The Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet album covers and t-shirts, got a sick feature in Bandcamp Daily last week. Get the scoop on how he got into making his brilliant art here.
  • Two of our fav bands, Big Surr and Savoy Motel, are in The Deli Nashville’s Artist of the Month poll. We can’t tell you how to vote, but we can tell you TO vote. Cuz November’s the time to do it!
  • Radio shows you’ll catch us listenin to: INDIE ROCK HIT PARADE! Tonight at 11 PM EST/10 PM CST, hear Diarrhea Planet shred their way through the WXPN studios!

WEEK END ROUND UP: 10/21 - 10/28 October 28 2016, 0 Comments

  • OUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY IS FAST APPROACHING! And boy do we have some Halloween shenanigans for you! First, pop by L.A. Jackson (on the rooftop of the new Thompson Hotel) for drinkin n dancin from 6-9 PM. That’s right ghosties, we’ll be spinning yr fav rock n roll records to get you in the mood for…
  • FRIGHT NIGHT, ft Music Band, RG3, Uzi ,Teddy and the Rough Riders, and the Medium at American Legion Post 82!!! Shouts out to our buddies at Cold Lunch Records for curating what is gonna be a v spooky v cool time.
  • One more Halloween thing: there’s an incredibly important Halloween poll happening on our twitter right now. Suggestions welcome.
  • Seems like only yesterday Music Band and JEFF The Brotherhood were touring the East Coast together… Reminisce with us thanks to QRO Magazine’s photo gallery of their Brooklyn show!
  • Raw Journey also posted some sick pics of the Bro-hood, though these are from their show in PARIS! The boys have a few more Euro dates (check those out here), then they’re back in Nash to play The Basement East on 11/5.

  • Speaking of JTB and France, their new single “Yeti” is Sun Burns Out’s clip du mois (video of the month). We’re sold out of our copies, but the boys have some on tour and you can still snag a copy from Six Tonnes De Chair Records.
  • When you think of Nashville music, it's a pretty safe bet that you're not thinking of Music City's booming indie scene, or of the rad releases from Opryville's Infinity Cat Records. But, you probably should be.” - v nice article about Diarrhea Planet playing a free show at Paper Tiger in San Antonio in a few weeks entitled Diarrhea Planet + Free Show = The Shit.
  • Oh yeah, everyone’s fav road warriors DP will be headed out on tour AGAIN next week. This time they’re hitting the west coast and will be playing a buncha shows will Lovely Bad Things. Peep those dates here and get yr tix!
  • Cassette Series alum SWIM TEAM played Nashville a few weeks ago and melted our dang faces off. Do not take it lightly when we say, they are going on tour in December and you GOTTA see them if they’re coming to your town. Mark yr calendars.
  • SHOWS YOU'LL CATCH US AT: Our buddies Eastside Music Supply are hosting a lil Halloween haunt tonight featuring hometown heroes & personal inspirations Safari Boys, along with The Gills, The Burps, kinhin, and Uzi. Whatta line up! More info here