PAPER HATS LETHO TAPE October 04 2009, 0 Comments

5b01cd384fPaper Hats is the solo guitar project of William Tyler (Silver Jews, Lambchop, Fathers of Time, Courtney Tidwell, and many many more) and he just left for a European tour in support of his "Desert Canyon" LP out in Germany on Apparent Extent records AND in support of this limited edition cassette split with LETHO, Jake Orrall's (JEFF The Brotherhood, Wizardz, Fathers of Time, Shredders etc.) long running solo project. Both sides are very solid, Paper Hats' featuring a beautiful solo acoustic piece sandwiched in between two droned out field recording jams. Letho's side features an extended organ vocal and guitar dreamy pop landscape sandwiched between two new age synth passages. The cassette also features 4 different covers and is limited to 100 copies.

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Also up this week is the Inverted/Tennessee Black Plague split tape! Infinity Cat did the CD version in 2003 that is now out of print but we still have a few cassette copies from Anencephaly Records! By the way, The Tennessee Black Plague was Cy Barkley's band with Jake and Jamin from JTB, they played two shows at guido's, released one e.p. and this tape, made an appearance on the Stoneham Tapes VHS then split when Jake moved to Iceland. Legendary.

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