SXSW is over but the tour continues. Here's a few press clippings from this past weekend: "Jeff the Brotherhood tore everyone’s face off with Sabbath-y monster blues metal." (BlackBook)
"Meet my new favorite band this year: Jeff the Brotherhood." (Houston Press)
"Your friendly punk pals find a real soundsystem, walk scrungy line between Melvins and Ramones." (Rolling Stone)
"Are you sick of tight pants, hipster, pseudo-intellectual, neon colored, pitchfork approved music? Look no further than the best new band of this decade who is the straw that should break the back of indie crap music - yes, the one and only Jeff the Brotherhood who is, without a doubt, the best new band of this young decade." (Pop Culture Jihad)
"SXSW is getting its healthy dose of thrash ‘n’ roll today with Nashville brother duo JEFF the Brotherhood. Smoke machine at 11:30 in the morning? We’ve had earlier, actually, but none that have rocked as hard!" (KEXP)
"A much better duo were Jeff the Brotherhood from the home of country, Nashville. What they do is take a dose of 'country' music, scuzz it up, speed it up and amplify it until the drums and guitar combo is blasting full pelt" (BBC)
"the crowd crammed into the Panache party was pretty gaga for these dudes with their thick, classic riffage" (San Francisco Weekly)
"I got frozen out of seeing Nashville riff rock duo Jeff the Brotherhood because the club had reached capacity by the time I arrived. Bad for me, good sign for the band, which has a real charisma and gift for combining punkish energy with stoner stomping." (Spin)