TEN THINGS WE LOVE ABOUT JENVILLE April 06 2010, 14 Comments

1. She made a list of the ten things she loves about JEFF The Brotherhood. 2. It's perfect in every way. 3. She's not afraid to admit that they've captured her heart. 4. Her site is awesome. 5. Her web design company Littlechair did a site for a Montessori school, and J+J know the Montessori way! 6. She wrote a book called "Boys Are Sexxy" 7. The Bro-hood was her favorite show at SXSW (and we're thinking she saw lots of shows). 8. Our number 8 thing is her number 8 thing; "8. They brought a fog machine to a radio broadcast performance. Says Jamin, 'When there's fog, it's always Friday night.'" 9. You can learn a lot about good cooking on her Cooking With Rockstars site. 10. No one, not even us, has summed it all up the way Jen has. Thanks Jen!