ANOTHER SELL OUT. AND ANOTHER #1. August 03 2010, 1 Comment

First, let's talk about The Looking Glass. Our fave, Grimey's Record store in Nashville, just emailed a request for more copies of their Infinity Cat debut. Because it is their BEST SELLING CASSETTE IN HISTORY! Yeah. So tomorrow we'll deliver more. And in the meantime, you might want to order one. Now. Before it sells out, like the JEFF The Brotherhood's "Heavy Damage" 7", which sold out forever yesterday. And the last one to go out the door was really our last copy, so we don't even have one for the WALL OF SINGLES. We're missing a few cassettes, too. Maybe someday we'll buy them back from you on eBay. So get a Looking Glass cassette and rub our noses in it.
Wait! One more #1! JEFF/Ty Segall split number one selling 7" first week at Landlocked Music in Bloomington Illinois. Okay then.