1971 FINALLY ARRIVES IN 2011 March 26 2011, 3 Comments

You know by now that Natural Child's classic "1971" drops out of the sky and into your lap on 4/20. But if you order it now, you'll get a couple extra hits courtesy of Wez, Zack and Seth. An 11 X 17 autographed poster AND Natural Child's own mix CD of favorite songs. You don't have to do anything but order now what you're gonna order later anyway.
Imagine it's 1964, and Decca Records sends you an email or whatever and tells you you can have an autographed poster and mix tape or whatever just for buying the debut LP before it comes out? See? It's not rocket science. Put your thinking cap on and get going.

My Old Kentucky Blog just posted the first single with this rave: "From the moment they thump out that infectious, sledgehammer beat, Natural Child had me in their sludgy yet vigorous, stoner-punk clutches. The Nashville, Tennessee trio’s Hard Workin’ Man is a thick-as-molasses, low-speed stomper; wicked in tone, yet with a sweetly innocent, melodic thread woven throughout. Like somewhat menacing, backwoods cousins to The Sonics and Question Mark and The Mysterians, these southern ruffians have been thoroughly steeped in 60’s garage rock and psychedelia, and from it distilled their own gnarlier, countrified rock and roll. I tend to find unabashed ganja enthusiasts refreshingly honest and slightly hilarious, so it hits me both in a soft spot and with a giggle that the band is choosing to drop their debut full-length 1971 this coming 4/20. It’s also worth mentioning that wearing their pro-cannabis freak flag on their sleeves in no way slackens the hot-wired, Big Brother and The Holding Experience-inspired, kozmic riff-funk they’re pumping out. Currently on a nationwide tour, Natural Child are working up quite the rep for mischievous onstage banter and a jovial, yet mercilessly rawkin’ good time. I suggest you catch them in a smaller venue, while you still can."