THE BRO-HOOD ROCK LONDON November 20 2011, 2 Comments

JEFF The Brotherhood continue their European tour, and we've been following their every move. You should too! Follow them on Twitter and on their Blog and you'll get the latest news. Here's a review of their London show! "There is absolutely nothing original or imaginative about  Nashville party rocker’s JEFF the Brotherhood.  And that’s what makes  them so good. Brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall make straightforward  guitar-and-drums rock that’s won the praise of diverse tastemakers like  Jay-Z and Jack White. JEFF was in fine form Monday night at The Lexington ripping through an hour long set that left no time for breaks. The four beer cans clenched to Jamin’s chest as he came onto the stage made it  clear that he had come to have a good time, and the night’s sold out  crowd was eager to give him one. Huge riffs, heavy distortion, and  furious drumming combined with smart pop melodies to ignite frenzied  head banging and dancing throughout the venue."

Next stop - Berlin and then:
Monday 21th – Liege, Belgium @ L'escalier
Tuesday 22th – Paris, France @ EspaceB
Wednesday 23th – Toulouse, France @ LeSaint Des Seins
Thursday 24th – Barcelona, Spain @ Primavera Festival
Friday 25th – Madrid, Spain @ Primavera Festival