DIARRHEA PLANET GETS PASTED August 07 2012, 1 Comment

Paste Magazine did their best to keep up with our very own Diarrhea Planet for a day. A day in the life of DP, they called it, saying: "Diarrhea Planet’s live show is what every rock ‘n’ roll show should be. There’s crowd surfing, beer spraying and hanging-from-the-ceiling, upside-down guitar playing. You might want to bring ear plugs. Hanging out with them before the show is just as entertaining. The six Nashville-based members (four of them guitarists) are good friends and enjoy such activities as buying two-dollar bling necklaces and frequently attacking each other. Paste spent a day with the band when they came through Atlanta to play 529." Check it right HERE. Thanks to Kristan Lieb for a great piece.