It's hot, it's long, it's American: It's a Wet Illustrated, Big Surr, Cy Barkley summer. We'll take your word for it. It must be, the way this vinyl is flying out the door. And the critics agree:
"Wet Illustrated also take a ton of cues from the artier, further-out edges of late-’70s British postpunk. There’s a playful edge to this band; their riffs are jaunty, and their vocals edge toward the yippy more often than not; they’ve clearly spent some time watching and learning from Robyn Hitchcock. A jumpy, jittery, and overall fun ride — like the Fresh And Onlys, if someone put Pixie Stix in their acid" (STEREOGUM) Get the "Skorpio Wings" 7" right HERE.
"Big Surr: It seems like when it's summer you can't get enough of these steamy, layered laid back tracks for the slow drive around, windows down, everything in slow motion and if it's winter you want to just be reminded of those times when things weren't so freezing cold...this one wins either way pretty much. "Cosine, Tangent" has those heavy delayed vocals echo-ing forever inside a giant smooth cavern. Massive chords played in slow motion, harmonies elevating the whole thing into the heavens, feedbacking waves fading in and out. Like a dirty, distortion hazed Real Estate, the melodies creep up on you and just get better and better. Extended, the song thankfully takes forever and they break the zone out with a serious insane solo to snap you out of the lull for a minute and separate them from the typical shoegaze track." (7 INCHES) Get the "Baked and Bruised" 7" right HERE
"Since the unfortunate passing of Jay Reatard, there has been a void in the hearts of scumfucks everywhere. Enter Cy Barkley, a man straddling the line between garage and punk with a black Gibson in hand. Rock Together showcases a more accessible side of Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders’ dirty punk music that could put a wistful tear in Keith Morris’ eye. “When you say you don’t know, please tell me, I’ll follow you,”  Barkley shouts over glammy riffs, pounding bass and unrelenting drums in “Rock Together”, the EP’s Single." (GET BENT) And now here's Cy's killer new full-length, "So Bad". It's so good. Get it right HERE.