JUST ADDED! 2 NEW IPHONE CASES June 09 2013, 2 Comments

We are flipping out over these new iPhone cases! When our friends at Griffin Technology brought by a dozen of the cases for iPhone 4 and 4s, and iPhone 5, they were snatched up in a day by anyone who could get their hands on one. So we ordered plenty for everyone who wants the world to know they are Infinity Cat music fans. These excellent cases by Griffin sell in stores for 29.95, and come in many different styles. But the only place you'll find the Infinity Cat logo and the Infinity Cat flag is right here in our store! Please allow a week or two for delivery, as we expect to run out fast and have to re-order more. Hopefully, one out of every three iPhone users in the world will have the common sense to wrap it in a Griffin Infinity Cat case!