"THE NEW, PUNCHIER HEAVY CREAM" July 05 2013, 2 Comments

Do you have your Super Treatment yet? What?? You don't?? Well then click on the picture or right HERE and get your vinyl or CD of this amazing album. Here's the latest review, in this months issue of Razorcake. You'll find more raves on the product page. We've been playin this in the Visitor's Center a whole lot, and when people here, guess what? They buy it! Razorcake: "If Ty Segall hasn't already invented it, he should invent the "Ty Segall Effects Pedal." If you're familiar with Segall, you know what I mean. Super Treatment, produced by Segall, is a sonic departure from Heavy Cream's straight-ahead, Runaways-inflected debut LP Danny, but not in a bad way. Still retains a skuzzy Nashville aesthetic (I think I just made that up) that label Infinity Cat has nurtured. I haven't seen Heavy Cream live in a few years so i don't know if they sustain the Segall-esque sound on stage. I hope their new drummer keeps up that Ramones beat-I like the new, punchier Heavy Cream. -Sal Lucci (Infinity Cat)" Thanks Sal!