We've been selling Infinity Cat books at the Visitors Center for a while now, and they have proved so popular we're putting them on the web store now. We knew you loved music, but who knew you loved books, too? We started with a book about a Very Special Pizza, then introduced a book about Butts, drawn by our very own Halle Jane Ballard. And with the acquisition of Lynnwood Press, we have added 4 more books by R. Ellis Orrall, including our Visitors Center's best seller, Science Fair. The Nashville Scene says "R. Ellis Orrall is the slightly abbreviated nom d'artiste of singer/songwriter/producer Robert Ellis Orrall, the man behind Infinity Cat Recordings and proud papa of the brothers JEFF the Brotherhood. As if that weren't enough, Ellis is also a painter of skewed autobiographical narratives that combine naïve renderings with keen observations that are at once confessional and absurd. This latest show at Estel Gallery riffs on the staging of an elementary school science fair, and through Ellis' skewed doodlings, we learn that all white mice always die, most really expensive food is French and that it's fun and easy to make wine out of grape juice. While many songwriters are satisfied just to be clever, Ellis' work is shot through with a genuine zaniness that should make this show a delight."  Check out all the new additions right HERE. And while you're at the store, you may want to pick up a JEFF The Brotherhood Hemp Hat, because it will look good on you when you're reading a book.