NEW YORK TIMES LOVES DIARRHEA PLANET September 15 2013, 0 Comments

A cup of coffee and the New York Times. That's how I like my Sunday morning to start. But this morning was extra special, because of this great review by Jon Caramanica: "Nothing about the Nashville band Diarrhea Planet is commentary. The sheer energy that pulses through its second album, “I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams” (Infinity Cat), feels young, though not exactly juvenile. A sweaty, sweaty rock band with four people playing guitar, this group resides somewhere near the intersection of Weezer and Ted Nugent. The result is small-scale monster rock, in which the guitar solos are tactile and come off like stadium cheers, and the drums crash with severity. But Diarrhea Planet isn’t arch like, say, the Darkness, which saw the humor in the era it was borrowing from and rendered it with a straight face. Even on the songs with dark edges, like “Kids” and “The Sound of My Ceiling Fan,” Diarrhea Planet is very much still breathing heavily, earnest in its enthusiasm. And at the songs’ conclusions, they effectively collapse from exhaustion." That's how you say good morning!