Last night we attended the biggest party in our little town. The Nashville Scene's "Best Of Nashville" extravaganza. It was a very special night as we attended in honor of our very own Diarrhea Planet, whose album "i'm rich beyond your wildest dreams" won Album Of The Year. "Beloved local power-pop-punkers Diarrhea Planet accomplished the impossible on this year’s expertly titled I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: They captured the gargantuan quadruple-guitar assault and the life-affirming, rock ’n’ roll toga party atmosphere of their must-see live show. In the process, the band turned in its strongest, most revved-up set of coming-of-age songs, which sound like Weezer’s Pinkerton as recorded by Thin Lizzy for SST in 1983." That's what they said, and they were spot on. Well we are celebrating this great achievement with a a surprise. A shocking pink surprise. In honor of life-affirming rock ’n’ roll we have had 80 copies pressed in beautiful fluorescent pink. Sound expensive? It is. But a lot less expensive than the copies we'll see on eBay. By  the way, that's why we limit you to one copy per person. We want everybody to have a fair shot to own one and own it forever! 40 copies will go on sale at our Visitor's Center at noon tomorrow. The other 40 (and any unsold at the VC) will be in our online store at 3pm Central Standard Time. $49.95 y'all.

In addition to JEFF The Brotherhood being a "Best Band" alumni, and Infinity Cat being a "Best Label" alumni, we've had many other honors go to Infinity Cat artists, past and present. And sometimes just a part of something fun, like JEFF The Brotherhood headlining 2013's "Best Show": "Just about the coolest party of the summer was The Stone Fox’s Nashville Outlines — a free, beer-soaked all-day outdoor summer block party featuring performances from titans of local rock including JEFF the Brotherhood, The Ettes, Ri¢hie, Tristen, Fly Golden Eagle and more, not to mention bike tune-ups, a miniature petting zoo and a Third Man Records-sponsored dunk tank where yours truly personally sank the asses of both Stone Fox proprietor Elise Tyler and TMR’s Ben Swank." We have some swanky mercy from that show, 3 different T-Shirts and a sweet poster right HERE. And JtB's Jamin Orrall even appeared as an actor in the Years Best Video: "Impossible Truth — this year’s Merge Records debut from phenomenally talented local guitarist William Tyler — is plenty compelling on its own. But Tyler’s Michael Carter-directed video for the standout Truth track “A Portrait of Sarah” is even more absorbing. An homage to Monte Hellman's 1971 portrait of wanderlust Two-Lane Blacktop, the “Sarah” video casts Tyler in James Taylor’s role, with Jamin Orrall of JEFF the Brotherhood as Dennis Wilson and local comedian Chris Crofton as antagonist Warren Oates. It’s easily among the most watchable seven-and-a-half minutes of locally filmed footage in recent memory." Get William's magnificent album RIGHT HERE. And congrats to Infinity Cat alums Natural Child for winning "Best Band". We played their album "1971" today, and if you don't have it, you need to get it. We'll be reissuing some more Natural Child on vinyl and cassette in the months to come! And congrats to friend-of-the-label Promised Land Sound for winning Best New Local Band:  "They exploded out of nowhere — well, not nowhere, but rather a practice space near Best Nolensville Taco Truck winner El Dolar — but the new group of almost-too-young-to-be-scene-veterans scene veterans has proven their garage-country mettle again and again. Between their Third Man Records single, their self-titled debut album — which hit the shelves Sept. 24 — and their wacky, shirtless public-access performance, Promised Land Sound made the past year a rockin’ one." Buy their album at Paradise of Bachelors RIGHT HERE.