I'M GONNA BE EXTRA GOOD TO YR VALENTINE January 21 2014, 0 Comments


Thanks to JACOB for the early Valentine! It sent our heart a-flutter. Plus, it reminded us that OH MAN, Valentine's Day is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. Aha- are you freaking out too? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Remember how last year, we put together a bunch of love-stuff to seduce your crush with?? Well we thought ahead and put some in storage for future Valentines. You can thank us later.

These are the last remaining Valentine's Day t-shirts, CDs, and tapes. Jess designed the cassette cover and t-shirts, plus she screenprinted these super soft Fruit of the Loom t-shirts cuz she loves screenprinting and soft shirts. (She even made a few toddler tees for the Valentines babies and little rockers out there!) Ale picked out the love songs for the mixtape cuz she loves tapes. And then Halle doodled hearts on every individual CD cuz she loves to doodle. See, these were all made with love! Just for you!

Each t-shirt and CD is slightly different and each cassette tape is bright red. Like a heart!

Everything was limited to 100 copies so we are serious when we say we only have a few left. So DON'T MISS OUT. Order by Feb 4th to get it there in time for V-Day! And give your sweetheart a big hug from us!