WEEK END ROUND UP: 1/18-1/24 January 24 2014, 0 Comments


This was a very important week, right from the start. Because...


  • IT WAS JAKE'S BIRTHDAY MONDAY!! He spent it in the studio doing what he loves most. And we're sure you'll love it too!
  • Roses are red violets are blue and the Valentine's Day shirts and mixtapes are back for a limited time only
  • You know what else is limited? The pink copies of I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams. If you haven't grabbed one yet, NOW IS THE TIME, cuz we're down to less than 10!
  • Now that our cat-alog is available for streaming, we've been going back and listening to some classics. Like The Mattoid's "Hey Dude." Probably the best/funniest song in the world. (Hey and if you wanna follow us on Spotify/see how much we listen to Prince, our username is infinitycatrecordings.)


  • THE FREAKIN WEEKEND SCHEDULE WAS ANNOUNCED. Jump over to Nashville's Dead for the deets & grab yr tix ASAP cuz the line up is STELLAR. We're talkin DP, Natural Child, Cy Barkley & the Way Outsiders, PUJOL, Weekend Babes, AND a buncha buddies!
  • Ed Schrader's Music Beat is going on a HUGE TOUR with Future Islands. They're even going across the pond and traipsing around Europe. A ton of these shows are already sold out, so clickity click for the dates & ticket links. DO. NOT. MISS. OUT.
  • The promoters/producers for Governors Ball did an AMA on Reddit and mentioned DP as their band to watch not one not two but THREE times. Shouts to JW and hopefully this means DP's gonna be Reddit-famous!!
  • Brooklyn Vegan (Chicago-style) caught some killer pics & footage of Diarrhea Planet at Tomorrow Never Knows Fest. Check em here. They played with Yuck and Alvvays. Little known fact: 4/6 of DP have already played with Yuck, back when they were in Big Surr.
  • Speaking of Big Surr, we were up til 3 am last night watching old Big Surr videos on YouTube. So we leave you with this gem from 2010: