WEEK END ROUND UP: 2/15 - 2/21 February 21 2014, 0 Comments

    • FIRST THING'S FIRST: are you listening to Natural Child? The whole album's streaming on Paste, so don't be a dumb dumb... Put those headphones on & dance with some wolves.
    • You've already been spinning Dancing With Wolves nonstop and you need a break? Well that's silly. But I guess you could jump over to the Weirdo Trash Podcast, where Kitschy Mama's playing Natural Child, Hunx & his Punx, Ty Segall, & more of our friends!
    • Already finished that too? Okay, how about heading over to Impose, where they did a sleepy podcast with Diarrhea Planet & our favorite dystopian columnist Devon Maloney? #brentoutofcontext forever
    • You could also listen to Aloha in preparation for the upcoming reissue. Got the test pressing this week and it is truly a thing of beauty.
    • On to the literary stuff: The gentlemen of Diarrhea Planet took Esquire's Hilary Hughes on tour with them for the past week. "It was a miracle that nobody was sent to the hospital," reports Hughes. No doubt. OK take a break, read the article, we'll wait.
      • Are you back? Wasn't that great! OK now that you're pumped for DP+TD here are some places where you can win tickets to see them in action:
          • Impose is giving away 2 tix to tonight's show in Bloomington, IN & tomorrow's show in St. Louis
            • I went to a show DOT COM is giving away 2 tix to tomorrow's St. Louis show
              • DO314 is also giving away 2 tix to the STL show, so DOO IT
              • You know who else is going on tour? Our girl Peach Kelli Pop! She's hitting the US, Europe, AND Japan, taking over the world one fuzzy pop song at a time. Hit up her artist page for US dates & tickets, more tour info coming soon.
                • Speaking of our #1 bubblegum-punk princess, PKP was named one of the top rising female-fronted bands by LA Weekly! Alright alright!!
                  • SHOWS YOU MIGHT CATCH US AT: Natural Child free in-store at Grimey's, 5 PM, no brainer, major duhhs. But if you're in STL, you're probably doing the right thing and catching Diarrhea Planet w/ Those Darlins & SPEEDBOAT. Guess what-- I (Ale) am road tripping all day Saturday so I can join you! Come say hey, my Missourian moshers.
                    • SHOWS YOU MIGHT CATCH US AT IN TWO WEEKS: What else but da FREEEEEK. Promo video below. Get your tix now or forever be a dweeb!

                      FREAKIN' WEEKEND V - PROMO VIDEO from NASHVILLE'S DEAD on Vimeo.