WEEK END ROUND UP: 3/15- 3/21 March 21 2014, 0 Comments

  • Denney and the Jets are releasing their debut LP on 4/8 and they have a killer preorder deal going on. Let's just say it's really appealing to our love for colored vinyl.
  • Speaking of colored vinyl, we are OUT of hot pink I'm Rich records. But good news: they're now available in random split color
  • We also restocked Natural Child's 1971 in a nice random split color. Never know whatcha gonna get!
  • Shows you might catch us at: MUSIC BAND and a whole buncha great bands are playing Paper Lake. This is the warehouse's last show ever, so don't be a silly goose and stay home, COME ON OUT N PARTY!!
  • Shows we wish you could catch us at: Ed Schrader's Music Beat with Ava Luna at the Crown in B-More, MD. Seriously, it's an 11 hour drive and we might just have to make it.
  • Former intern/forever babe Emily Quirk took this incredibly badass picture of Bob the Fatherhood being a punk with Diarrhea Planet. Just proves that Freakin' Weekend is truly a family affair, you know?