WHAT'S IN MY SACK: EPISODE 1 - GUERILLA TOSS July 24 2014, 0 Comments


So we've taken over the record stores with Infinity Cat Recordings, the bookstores with Infinity Cat Press, and now we're taking over your screens with Infinity Cat Films. That's right, we're starting our very own webseries: What's In My Sack. Kind of like What's In My Bag?, but uh, you know, better. For our first episode, we took Guerilla Toss to K****r and watched them cruise around in shopping carts, knock over baby diapers, and generally wreck havoc all over our favorite 24-hour grocery store. Find out what crazy shit they got in their sacks above & stay tuned for episode 2 featuring our good pal & Punani Huntah hype girl Colleen Green.

Speaking of Guerilla Toss, we are officially SOLD OUT of their cassette "367 Equalizer." Holy heck, you guys. This tape came out last Tuesday and they were gone gone gone in like, four days. Probably because 1) it's four tracks of spazzy shitwave that makes you wanna dance hard with all your friends and 2) it got rave reviews immediately. Stereogum debuted "367 Equalizer" and called it "immediately one of the most satisfying things they’ve recorded." SPIN called "Cookie" bewitchingly destructive, acidic, and mind-bending. IMPOSE called the whole tape "stupidly infectious and almost too much fun." (No such thing, babes.) Even the almighty Pitchfork just gave "367 Equalizer" a killer track feature, saying "a rubbery funk bass line courses underneath the chaos, keeping the music anchored firmly to the ground. The tension assaults our higher brain on one end and moves our hips at the other, creating a gyrating groove so strong that it threatens to pull you apart" and some other real nice stuff. Check that out here and hey, maybe click that little "like" button so they keep extolling the virtues of all our favorite bands. "Important Tastemakers," here we come!!

Of course, the most important review the cassette got was that dude on Instagram who said 367 Equalizer made him feel like "a demented Beyonce backup dancer." THANKS DUDE. YOU GET US.

You can still snag a tape from the band on tour (hold tight, dates coming soon) and at yr local neighborhood record store, but that's IT. So if you see a copy out in the wild, catch it. Don't sleep on it. You don't wanna shell out 150 bucks for this tape on eBay in two years, do you??

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