LET'S GET DIGITAL August 05 2014, 0 Comments

Now y'all already know we love to get physical. Y'know, pressing vinyl, dubbing tapes, burning CDs, that sort of thing. But we'll let you in on a little secret: we love to get digital too. And starting this week, we wanna get digital with YOU. So let's get right to it, here's some lovely stuff you can snag on the internet starting today...

Left & Right - "Low Expectations"

We're excited out of our MINDS to bring you "Five Year Plan" by Left & Right as the third tape in our Infinity Cat Cassette Series. These bad boys are limited to 300 translucent green cassettes and coming out on September 9th, but if you preorder now you can snag a free download of their first single, "Low Expectations," right away. That sucker will go straight to your inbox so you can blast it as loud as you want as soon as you want. (Side note: big thanks to WXPN for premiering the track last night!!) You oughta get on this ASAP because Cassette Series subscriptions are SOLD OUT, so preordering is the only way you can guarantee you'll get a copy of this tape. After all, the last one did sell out less than a week...

Diarrhea Planet - "Spooners"

Nothing gets us more pumped than a new Diarrhea Planet song-- except maybe a new, FREE Diarrhea Planet Song. "Spooners" is their contribution to Adult Swim's 2014 Singles Series, which has featured a lot of other rad songs. We're kind of biased in thinking that this one's the best... though, y'know, Consequence of Sound did say it's "sort of like running head-long into a mosh pit, if the other attendees were all NFL linebackers" what with it's "four-to-the-floor riffs, anthemic vocals that leave them practically hoarse, and heaps of feedback." Hey, maybe it's not just us! Download "Spooners" and check out some DP-themed limited edition prints and t-shirts here. 

Ed Schrader's Music Beat - "Laughing"

So we sold out of Party Jail in less than two months and we thought, let's celebrate. So we pressed a super limited 7" of "Laughing" with a previously unreleased b-side and threw in a PEACE LOVE INFINITY CAT bumper sticker with it and the whole dang thing was so awesome we thought, let's celebrate again! So for the ENTIRE MONTH OF AUGUST you can download "Laughing" for only 69 cents over at Amazon. That's right, we're keeping the party going for the whole month. We're trapped in Party Jail and we LIKE IT!