HAPPY RELEASE DAY, DADDY ISSUES!! June 30 2015, 2 Comments

A toast to Daddy Issues! Can We Still Hang came out on cassette today and we can't stop playing it. No, really. We can't stop and we won't stop. You can swing by your favorite record store or order the cassette here for all of your patriarchy-smashing needs. Here's what people are saying about our new favorite grunge-pop trio so far... 

There’s a fine line between restless and reckless, and Daddy Issues weave back and forth across it... “Nothing matters at all because I don’t matter to you” is precisely the feeling that leads to plenty of late nights and loaded looks, and Daddy Issues are ready to soundtrack all of your 4am freak-outs. - The Wild Magazine

There are two main things I like about Nashville-based trio Daddy Issues: 1) They list their musical genre as “somewhere between witchy grunge and surf glam.” 2) They describe their first cassette release as “a punch in the face to the patriarchy.” Do you really need to know anything else or are you pretty much sold? - Bitch Magazine

Daddy Issues picks up where the nineties scene of alt-girl bands left off. With a raw blend of demented lyrical content and harmonious guitar hooks, Daddy Issues is totally on it’s way to slaying the underground, hopefully, bringing “sad girl rock” to the forefront as a genre not to be fucked with. - Peach Vinyl

Can We Still Hang consists of six previously unreleased songs, along with remastered versions of live staples like the early demo “Ugly When I Cry” and the undeniably catchy “Creepy Girl.” The less familiar tracks are stuffed to the brim with sugary melodies that tease the occasional scuzzy detour, a recipe that yields appealing concoctions that work to burrow their way into your head. It’s a cassette that you’ll be flipping over (or imagining that you’re flipping over as you’re clicking the repeat button on Spotify) endlessly until the warmth of the sun gives way to the falling of leaves... There’s much to be said about artistic collaboration between people who actually love each other and what they’re creating in equal measure. And for that reason, Daddy Issues may very well be my favorite band in Nashville. - This City's Full

It’s everything about I feel about my current state of independence, the backing of guitars, fuzz and drums bolstering the message and the importance of being okay with being alone. - The Grey Estates

This is a clever band who knows exactly how clever they are and what to do with that cleverness, and I’m glad because anything less would have caused the entire concept to fall apart, for it to be too jokey or too nasty or too enthusiastic but as it stands there’s a balance between all of those elements that makes Can We Still Hang a solid listen. - Bitter Empire

[It's] as razor-sharp as we've heard Daddy Issues to-date, with lead singer Jenna Moynihan casually tossing out lethal combos and verbal assaults aimed at wannabe boyfriends, all over a bevy of sickly sweet, grunge-y pop tunes. - Unruly Factions

The record is fucking badass. - No Country For New Nashville