What up everybody, hope you had a beautiful Labor Day! If you were a smarty pants, you snagged a copy of that Faux Ferocious tape that we dropped on Friday and blasted it aaaalllll weekend. If you slept on it, that's okay, there's still time to get your hands on one online or at the Visitors Center or at your favorite local record store. Lemme tell ya, this tape flat out rules. Faux Ferocious has been one of our favorite local bands for years now and they're in full force here. Their spazzy mutant pop feels like a shot of adrenaline straight to your heart, equal parts nervous psych-punk and paranoid pop and just plain fun rock & roll. Here's what some of our friends had to say about double-F:

"Nashville four-piece Faux Ferocious make nervy, anxious, mutant pop, the kind that sounds like sleep has not been a top priorty and you start to, ever-so-slightly, lose grip on reality." - Brooklyn Vegan

"The band brings together a cornucopia of punk influences, and can morph from swirling psych-punk nuggets to spitting, snarling Damned-esque ragers quicker than a chameleon changes colors." - Nashville Scene

"It’s clear that within the first minute of the first track of the newest from Faux Ferocious you’re listening to some legitimately Hot Shit rock music. By the end of the song the landscape has been established, you’re listening to a well balanced bit of upbeat, desert psych rock mixed with the occasional laid back stoner vibe. I can’t wait to see this live." - We Own This Town

"It's a red-hot ball of caterwauling, mid-fi pan-punk, which they take right to the edge of melting and bring it on back to tight drone boogie." - Nashville Scene

"They plowed through an inspired set of shred punk/distortion rock that reminds me a little of Parquet Courts, but less nerdy. They went right in and out of songs, no fucking around, men on a mission." - No Country For New Nashville

We're about to catch those men on a mission tonight at Fond Object, where they'll be playing with Natural Child and Gymshorts. The rest of you can see em on tour with Dirty Fences, AND YOU BETTER. Dates below!