WEEKEND ROUND UP: 9/26 - 10/2 October 02 2015, 0 Comments

  • BIGGEST NEWS OF THE WEEK…. WE SIGNED DADDY ISSUES!! This is probably the worst-kept secret in our history, but we’re very excited about it. You can stream their new single “Shitty World” (featuring additional guitar shredding by JTB) and read more about what’s coming up (a 7”??? a new record produced by Jake???!) here.
  • October is our favorite month and Halloween is our favorite holiday SOOOOO all month long we’re gonna be giving out smarties with every purchase on our website!! Just like we used to do in the old days <3
  • Breaking The Triangle, Marcus Haney’s latest documentary (featuring music from Diarrhea Planet, Music Band, and Rozwell Kid) is up for a People’s Lovie Award!! Go here to vote & show yr support for rock & roll and sneaking into fests.
  • Our buddies at Ghost Track interviewed PUJOL before his Illinois dates. As always, he covers a wide spread of topics, from whether we’re living in an the existential zeitgeist to the best flavor of ice cream. Read it here!
  • Twin Compulsions. Coming soon. I can always remember… 

  • HAVE WE MENTIONED IT’S OCTOBER YET??? If you need some new fall tunes, check out Drifting Creative’s fall mixtape featuring a JEFF The Brotherhood classic.
  • Those folks at the 467 Surf & Gun Club cannot keep a secret, honestly...
  • SHOWS YOU’LL CATCH US AT: the Dogs of Oz release show at Blackbird, duh. Not only is this a fantastic album that we’re excited to snag on cassette (highly recommended if you’re a Big Star fan), but Western Medication and Jawws will be opening so this lineup is a triple threat
  • PLUS. This Saturday, we’re giving away FIVE TICKETS to JTBDP’s all-ages Halloween show at War Memorial. All you gotta do is show up to our art crawl in costume or with a carved pumpkin and impress our panel of judges (me, Patrick from the Nashville Scene, and Kage from Alt 98.3) and we’ll give out a pack of tickets to the winner from each category. PLUS, there will snacks and drinks as usual, but 200% more candy and decorations. RSVP HERE.