WEEKEND ROUND UP: 10/3 - 10/9 October 09 2015, 0 Comments

  • CONGRATS JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD FOR GETTIN THAT “BEST ROCK ALBUM” AWARD FROM THE NASHVILLE SCENE!!! To celebrate, we’re putting that blue & white swirly Wasted On The Dream on sale for only $10 from now until Monday. Just use the code “BON15” at check out!!
  • Congrats also to our buddies Jawws (“Best reason to get in the van”), Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp (“Best way to ensure tomatoes in our future salad”), Arts & Music At Wedgewood/Houston (“Best art crawl - 3rd”), and everyone else for their wins! Check out the full list here.
  • Speaking of buddies, we wanna wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Halle! She’s off at college now and we couldn’t celebrate in person… so we sent her a pizza clock. Yes. The infamous Halle’s Pizza from Halle’s Pizza Goes On Adventure is now a clock! (See below.)
  • Ed Schrader’s Music Beat’s last tour of the year started last night! If you haven’t seen them yet this year, seriously, DO NOT MISS THEIR INSANELY GOOD LIVE SHOW. Check those dates & get those tix here. And Brooklyn, you’re in for an extra special treat tonight when they play Alphaville with Juiceboxxx!
  • You may also be interested in spending the weekend with JEFF The Brotherhood (dates) or Diarrhea Planet (dates), both of whom are kicking off mini-tours today!

  • Congrats to our winners at last weekend’s costume/pumpkin contest! Stephanie’s The Tropics pumpkin and Michelle’s D. Boone costume scored them 5 tickets each to JEFF The Brotherhood & Diarrhea Planet’s all-ages Halloween show at War Memorial!! If you still need to snag your tix, you can do so right here.
  • O Canada! Rejoice, for we are teaming up with Dine Alone Records to re-release Diarrhea Planet’s albums in Canada. So they will finally appear on your iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, all that jazz on October 30!
  • If you haven’t heard the new Daddy Issues single (featuring guest shredding by Jake Orrall), pop on over to Mad Mackerel, where they featured it as an MM Short!
  • SHOWS YOU’LL CATCH US AT: First, stop by Big Surr’s early show at the High Watt! It’s free, but benefits YEAH!, the people behind the Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp. Then, we’ve got a rare appearance by Punani Huntah tonight at Queen Ave! Lucy & La Mer, Wash, and Fox Fun are also playing, which makes this show a no-brainer.