INTRODUCING... CROSS COUNTRY August 31 2016, 0 Comments

We are so very pumped to introduce our latest Infinity Cat Cassette Series band... CROSS COUNTRY! Coming outta Oxford, OH to wreck yr headphones, Cross Country is gonna knock you off yr feet with their jaunty post-punk debut Trials. Check out Cross Country's first single, "Grass Stain," on Gold Flake Paint or below. In their premiere, Gold Flake Paint praised the song's "brilliant splashes of colour" and "carefree sense of abandon... that makes for the kind of glorious departure from the day that feels almost intrinsically linked to the summer and all it has to offer," and we feel the same way. If you need a pick-me-up or you just wanna dance yr way through the end of summer, "Grass Stain" is the song for you.

Recorded live in Philadelphia to 2" tape, Trials zips through eight songs in twenty-two minutes, indebted to forefathers such as Television & the B-52's as well as the modern garage-pop of Bradford Cox. The album is out September 16th on limited edition crystal clear cassette with burgundy imprint-- but if you really wanna do it up, snag one of our last subscriptions to this year's Infinity Cat Cassette Series. That way, you're guaranteed a copy of each cassette in the series, plus 6 special secret bonus items, plus an Infinity Cat "Come And Drink It Now With Us" koozie! AAAAAAND don't miss Cross Country on tour now!! So in this order: LISTEN. SUBSCRIBE. PARTY.

9/2 - Louisville, KY @ Nachbar w/Ted Tyro
9/3 - Oxford, OH @ House w/Furnsss, Bread Pilot, Morthouse
9/4 - Columbus, OH @ Misfit Manor w/Furnsss, Bread Pilot
9/7 - Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop w/The Hecks, Daguerreotype
9/16 - Cincinnati, OH @ The Mockbee w/Earring, Leggy, Rose Hip (Tape Release Show)
10/3 - Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet w/Bueno 

UPDATE: Peep their latest single, "Alone" on Brooklyn Vegan!