LOOK OUT AUSTIN, IT'S ABOUT TO GET DUSTY! January 24 2017, 0 Comments

That's right, our friends in Yucky Duster are headed down to Austin as *official* SXSW artists. Fancy! That means, of course, that they're touring their way down from Brooklyn to Austin. If you've got anything they can hop on for the way down (specifically NOLA 3/14) or any unofficial shows during SXSW, please reach out to us or them. 

In other YD news, Anthony Fantano reviewed Duster's Lament on The Needledrop last weekend, calling it a "five-song set of earnest, introspective indie rock and pop" and "a little punk, a little twee." He had a lot of great things to say about the cassette and its mix of personality and introspection, giving it a "light to decent 7" (lol) out of 10. You can peep the video on his website or below!