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As a lot of you know, Bandcamp is donating their share of sales to the ACLU today, which is very cool. We aren't officially on Bandcamp, but a lot of the bands that we've worked with are, so we've compiled a list for those of you looking to support music and free speech today:

Big Surr:
Colleen Green:
Cross Country:
Cy Barkley:
Daddy Issues:
Dead Soft:
Denny and the Jets:
Diarrhea Planet:
Dion Lunadon:
Dirty Dreams:
Ed Schrader's Music Beat:
Faux Ferocious:
Fielded (Cake Bake Betty):
Guerilla Toss:
King Bitch:
Left & Right:
Milk Dick:
Music Band:
No Regrets Coyote:
Rozwell Kid:
Slanted (Casey Weissbuch):
Spanish Candles:
Stoneham Tapes (Breast Massage/old JEFF):
Study Hall:
The City and I:
Thunderzone (Juiceboxxx):
Toby Coke:
Uncle Bad Touch:
Wet Illustrated:
White Reaper:
Yucky Duster:

WEEK END ROUND UP: 11/12 - 11/18 November 18 2016, 0 Comments

  • Yo we cannot BELIEVE that it's almost Thanksgiving and Black Friday and therefore, our annual Rarities Sale benefiting the Southern Girls Rock n Roll Camp!! We've been pulling some great stuff for you guys this week, like some very rare test pressings, original artwork, an entire guitar, and much much more. Keep an eye on our eBay page and our socials for more info coming soon!
  • Black Friday will also see the release of a special set of black-on-black cassettes. That's right, Breast Massage's Cruisin' For Filth is the latest installment of our Infinity Cat Cassette Series and they are loud and dark as heck. Check out the first single on Stereogum. And ICCS subscribers, your tapes are on the way!
  • Boston, you lucky ducks. You get to ring in the new year with the one and only DIARRHEA PLANET. They're playing The Sinclair on NYE with Vundabar and tickets are ON SALE NOW! Trust us, we've spent a lot of New Years Eves in a DP mosh pit and that is NOT something you wanna miss!
  • Speaking of Diarrhea Planet, this Buzzfeed quiz popped into our brains this week: "Which Member of Diarrhea Planet Are You?" Not sure why, but we're glad it did. And for the record, we used to be Brent but now we're Hodan. We love both!
  • ICCS alum SWIM TEAM will be headed out on the road this December. Check out those dates here and give em a warm welcome!! And remember, we are SOLD OUT of their debut cassette so catchin em on tour's the only way you can guarantee you get a copy!

  • OK, we get that for some of you, winter might not be your thing. It's cold. Gets dark early. Can't blame ya. So here's something to look forward to in the spring: SAVANNAH STOPOVER. Both JTB and Daddy Issues are playing, which means you're in for a guaranteed good time!
  • Upset Magazine sat down with JEFF The Brotherhood to talk about their journey of 15+ years in the music industry. It's as frank and self-deprecating as you'd expect from the J-Bros. Great, honest read.
  • Our buddies at WXNA are in the middle of their first ever pledge drive. If you dig their radio shows (shouts out 80s Schmaties, which we're listening to as we write this!) or if you just wanna support community radio, you can support them here!
  • Our old pals Big Surr have a new single out called "Sometimes." Like their dreamy (sold out- sorry!) Econoline 7" of yesteryear, it's a laid-back bit of pop that'll put you in the dancin mood! Check it out on She Shreds.
  • SHOWS YOU'LL CATCH US AT: we're making the trek down to ATL this weekend to catch Daddy Issues with Diet Cig and World's Greatest Dad. Diet Dads? Greatest Daddy Cig? Whatever you wanna call it, we call it a dang good time. Get yr tix and join us!


WEEK END ROUND UP: 10/31 - 11/4 November 04 2016, 0 Comments

  • ALRIGHT BBS WE GOT A NEW BREAST MASSAGE SINGLE IF YOU THINK YR EARS CAN HANDLE IT. That’s right, the loudest band in Nashville and everyone’s favorite JEFF The Brotherhood/Diarrhea Planet/King Karl supergroup is our next Infinity Cat Cassette Series and their “brooding grungy crusher” first single “Bathing The Dog” premiered on Stereogum this week. Cruisin’ For Filth is out 11/25 on black-on-black tapes, and you can subscribe to our Cassette Series to guarantee that a copy (and a special bonus item) lands in yr doorstep ASAP.
  • Not enough Breast Massage for ya? Check out their spooky teaser video on Nashville Cream, featuring a “descent into sludgy riffery and mighty aggro growling” backed by the Nashville City Cemetery.
  • Get loud and #STAYLOUD with Skullcandy’s latest behind the scenes video of Diarrhea Planet’s insane Bowery Ballroom show.
  • NASHVILLE! JEFF The Brotherhood r back in town and playing The Basement East TOMORROW with Mom and Dad and Spodee Boy and if we don’t see you there crowdsurfin yer hearts out then I mean what are we even doing here buddy??? Tickets. Now. Show. Tomorrow. See you then.

  • DP is out on the road once again! Things are kicking off at Sound on Sound Fest in Texas tomorrow, then headed out further west with the dudes in Lovely Bad Things. Check out them dates here and get your tix!
  • Peep some pics of NASHVILLE YOUTH CULTURE by ya girl Wrenne Evans on TMRW Magazine. They are a) very dope because she is very talented and b) full of young punks we love. #RIPJAWWS
  • Our buddy Perry Shall, who you definitely know as the artist behind a ton of JEFF The Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet album covers and t-shirts, got a sick feature in Bandcamp Daily last week. Get the scoop on how he got into making his brilliant art here.
  • Two of our fav bands, Big Surr and Savoy Motel, are in The Deli Nashville’s Artist of the Month poll. We can’t tell you how to vote, but we can tell you TO vote. Cuz November’s the time to do it!
  • Radio shows you’ll catch us listenin to: INDIE ROCK HIT PARADE! Tonight at 11 PM EST/10 PM CST, hear Diarrhea Planet shred their way through the WXPN studios!

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You will catch us at every show this weekend. Every single show. All of them. Quantum rock.

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What's a creep, Emmett?

WEEK END ROUND UP: 11/22 - 11/28 November 28 2014, 0 Comments

Bundle up for the holidaze + our annual rarities sale starts TONIGHT at 6 PM CST!

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Touring and streaming and recording and releasing and IT'S A BEEN A BUSY WEEK


It's hot, it's long, it's American: It's a Wet Illustrated, Big Surr, Cy Barkley summer. We'll take your word for it. It must be, the way this vinyl is flying out the door. And the critics agree:
"Wet Illustrated also take a ton of cues from the artier, further-out edges of late-’70s British postpunk. There’s a playful edge to this band; their riffs are jaunty, and their vocals edge toward the yippy more often than not; they’ve clearly spent some time watching and learning from Robyn Hitchcock. A jumpy, jittery, and overall fun ride — like the Fresh And Onlys, if someone put Pixie Stix in their acid" (STEREOGUM) Get the "Skorpio Wings" 7" right HERE.
"Big Surr: It seems like when it's summer you can't get enough of these steamy, layered laid back tracks for the slow drive around, windows down, everything in slow motion and if it's winter you want to just be reminded of those times when things weren't so freezing cold...this one wins either way pretty much. "Cosine, Tangent" has those heavy delayed vocals echo-ing forever inside a giant smooth cavern. Massive chords played in slow motion, harmonies elevating the whole thing into the heavens, feedbacking waves fading in and out. Like a dirty, distortion hazed Real Estate, the melodies creep up on you and just get better and better. Extended, the song thankfully takes forever and they break the zone out with a serious insane solo to snap you out of the lull for a minute and separate them from the typical shoegaze track." (7 INCHES) Get the "Baked and Bruised" 7" right HERE
"Since the unfortunate passing of Jay Reatard, there has been a void in the hearts of scumfucks everywhere. Enter Cy Barkley, a man straddling the line between garage and punk with a black Gibson in hand. Rock Together showcases a more accessible side of Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders’ dirty punk music that could put a wistful tear in Keith Morris’ eye. “When you say you don’t know, please tell me, I’ll follow you,”  Barkley shouts over glammy riffs, pounding bass and unrelenting drums in “Rock Together”, the EP’s Single." (GET BENT) And now here's Cy's killer new full-length, "So Bad". It's so good. Get it right HERE.

JAKED + BRUISED May 31 2012, 3 Comments


UPDATE: WINNERS ANNOUNCED! #1 Dirty Dreams - #jakebrokehishand for our sins. Amen.
#2 Adam Riggs Smith - Jake from @JEFFbrotherhood's hand was crushed beneath the weight of his massively heavy riff.
#3 Morgan Swank - #jakebrokehishand... but not really. It's just a bone jam. CONGRATULATIONS! Be sure and email us at with your addresses.

Well it looks like the boys r back in town instead of adventuring with Best Coast because #Jakebrokehishand. But we're gonna turn this bummer around and give away some goods to whoever has the best guess on how he broke his hand. First prize gets an out of print slightly warped blue and white copy of The Boys R Back In Town signed by Jake's broken hand (pictured). Second prize gets out=of-print blue sleeved/white vinyl copy of We Are The Champions. Third prize gets a copy of Big Surr's BAKED + BRUISED 7" renamed... JAKED + BRUISED. Perfect for "Big Surr enthusiasts" according to the Nashville Cream. Tweet @infinitycat with the hashtag #jakebrokehishand as many times as you want! We'll pick our favs at 5 PM CST tomorrow. Just be careful not to break your hand.