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It's finally here. With a flash of lightning and a thunderous boom, and lots of smoke in the vinyl. That's right, three beautiful vinyl mixes from our friends across the street at United. Theres's Coke bottle green with white smoke, Dark green with black smoke, and clear vinyl with a delicious mixture of black, white and green smoke. See? There's a theme here. All three vinyl colors tie into the scary beautiful lightning bolt cover (thanks Perry Shall!). You can pick the color you like best, or save 6 bucks when you get all three. We loved this album on CD, but it sounds even better on vinyl. The tri-color 3 pack is only available until we run out of one of the colors, of course, so don't hesitate if that's your choice.

"Castle Storm is punky and art-rockish like a mix of Wire and Sonic Youth on trucker speed. On Jeff's third album Castle Storm, the brothers tear through 13 self-penned and self-produced songs with the kind of frantic punk rock energy that makes young people jealous and old people nostalgic. Tracks like "Glen Echo" stomp with staccato stops and starts, while "I Don't Need a Tast-T" flirts with a Sabbath drone-riff intro that morphs into quirky pop, then dives into garage rock" (NASHVILLE SCENE)
"Songs like "Doo It", "Glen Echo", "I Don't Need Your Tas-T", and the comical "Continental Breakfast" pack the punch of the album, which -to be honest - offers very little respite from its head on attack on your ear drums. Maintaining its 'fast n' loud' vibe throughout, Castle Storm is a record to get the scenesters' rocking and the popsters' running. The Orrall brother's latest record will truly set the men from the boys." (SUBCULTURE)
"This is magic time. It's like they knew what I was thinking. No other album in future fragile millennia will inflict the kind of psychological malaise as this frighteningly brilliant little nugget of awesome. This particular capsule of the genius of Jeff is called "Castle Storm". But who cares? It won't be hard to keep track of this release once you throw all of your other albums away. You won't even be sad about it. It will feel totally natural. It will feel like being reborn." (BULLZEYE)