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WEEK END ROUND UP: 7/30 - 8/5 August 05 2016, 0 Comments

  • NOISEY SEZ “RIGHT NOW, DIARRHEA PLANET MIGHT JUST BE THE BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE.” AIN’T THAT THE DANG TRUTH. Read their interview with Jordan, in which they spread the Gospel of DP with words like “And by the power vested in me as a dude who is writing about them on the internet, let me tell you the Diarrhea Planet are motherfucking sick” and “everyone who’s seen them live becomes a turbo-fan basically immediately”. Then pick up their “third and by far best album” Turn To Gold!
  • One week away from JEFF’s new album, Zone!! Get pumped by streaming their latest single “Roachin”, featuring vocals by Alicia from Bully. Yeah. Stereogum called it a “menacing, grumbling churner balanced and pierced by Bognanno’s sultry tone,” while the Nashville Cream described it as “sludge-kissed.” Aww! Now preorder your copy of Zone today!
  • Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is hitting the road next week for the Last of the Summer’s Wine Tour! (A tour name that really speaks to us.) Nashville, they’re playing a free in-store at Third Man on the 26th so duck out of your day job early and make sure to catch em! Everybody else, peep the rest of the dates here.
  • It’s never too late to show that Colleen Green ICCS tape some love! French blog Les Orilles Curieuses praised its unrelenting fuzzy reverb, languid voice, and slice of life lyrics (if our high school French is holding up ok). Catch Colleen on tour in Paris and all over Europe this October with Cassie Ramone! Dates & tix here.
  • Ex-Heavy Creamers Jessica, Mimi, and Dillon are back with a new band called SAVOY MOTEL, fronted by Jeffrey from Cheap Time. Okay so you already know that means it’s gotta be good. But you don’t know how great til you watch their new video for “Souvenir Shop Rock” on Noisey! Funky vocals to an even funkier tune - let’s boogie!
  • Jump over to IMPOSE for a great interview with Cyrus from Famous Class Records and Edan from Death By Audio (RIP) on their new 3-LP compilation “Start Your Own Fucking Show Space.” SYOFSS features live cuts from the last month of DBA’s shows, including JEFF The Brotherhood’s “Heavy Damage” from their last night. Take a listen, then pick up your compilation at Famous Class.
  • IT’S ART CRAWL TIME!!!! And lemme tell ya, this one’s gonna be especially awesome. First up, the Infinity Cat Visitors Center and Gallery is so so so so so so so proud to present “Learn To Eat Alone,” an exhibit of street photography by the 1 and only Wrenne Evans taken in London and New York over a period of two years. As always, we will have free drinks, cheap beer, snacks galore, music blastin, friendship forever, 6-9pm at the Cathouse.
  • Down the street, our friends at Fort Houston will be showcasing art by Harry Kagan of Music Band, Tuff Gus, and kkbbkb followed by a FREE ALL-AGES DIARRHEA PLANET + GNARWHAL SHOW. If you’re not in the neighborhood on Saturday night, buddy, we just don’t know what to tell ya.
  • Real quick before we go- just wanna wish our good friends, neighbors, burger/kickin ketchup providers Gabby’s Burgers a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

WEEK END ROUND UP: 6/18 - 6/24 June 24 2016, 0 Comments



Exclusively at Infinity Cat: a BONUS JEFF The Brotherhood Flexi disc with the studio recording of "Melting Place."

IT'S HERE. DEBUT LP FROM UNCLE BAD TOUCH! November 24 2011, 2 Comments

It's here! Uncle Bad Touch. The self-titled debut. We love this album! And to celebrate, we've got a great line-up for the album release show at Death By Audio in Brooklyn on 11/29. Also on the show: Liquor Store, Missing Monuments, and Bosco Delrey. Go have a great time and pick up your copy.  Not in New York? Pick up a copy right now, right HERE!
“I’d rather die / than die a normal guy” sang Mikey Heppner under the trees. No chance of that. The Priestess metal frontman took a rad left turn into Uncle Bad Touch, his crazy garage-alt side band. Between I Wanna Love You – with bassist Kathryn McCaughey cackling the lyrics over Heppner’s crunchily attenuated lines – and Baby Baby Baby Baby, they crammed more retro-prog ideas into 2:58 than a dozen Nuggets bands. Strange City Sing To Me ranks as an early Osheaga highlight. Mikey, with his new wave haircut and vintage Harmony Bobkat, likes ragged melody lines in a tight frame, and originality. The range is extensive and ramshackle – could’ve been the band opening for Pavement or QOTSA or a Clash/Sham 69 show in ’78. Crazy good." (MONTREAL GAZETTE)
Want more? "In the better-late-than-never department is the debut full-length from Montreal lo-fi psych band Uncle Bad Touch, released on their own Bumby label. This is grade-a, sugar-coated bub­blegum/psych that is sure to get toes tappin’ as you hum along to gleaming pop gems like “Strange City, Sing to Me,” “Only With You” and “Baby Baby Baby Baby.” Priestess’s Mikey Heppner and his better half Kathryn McCaughey trade off on the lead vocals, with McCaughey in particular proudly stating she’s this year’s Maureen Tucker. If you dig the psych sounds from 1967 to 1971, this is mandatory." (MONTREAL MIRROR)