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GATHER YE DUSTERS WHILE YE MAY January 13 2017, 0 Comments


That's right everybody, Yucky Duster's incredible new EP Duster's Lament is FINALLY OUT. Online, at shows, in stores, and here at our v own Guys we cannot stress enough how great this tape is. Despite the name, it's the perfect pick-me-up if you're bumming out thanks to the super relatable lyrics ("I don't mean to be a drag, I'm just having one of these years"? C'mon!) and the underlying sense of whimsy flowing through each tracks. Frankly, it's hard to put how much we love this cassette into words so here's some from folks around the web:

"Duster’s Lament is an EP of lamentations for our collective lives & world that will help us all as a people commiserate together as an exhausted & sometimes embarrassed (& overall embarrassing for that matter) world. Yucky Duster have made the record for our times that mixes the weird, awkward, bad, good, strange & unreal all together in a string of associative narratives that stream through the same clever pop tributary." -  IMPOSE Magazine

"Yucky Duster shine with an ever present sense of clever innocence and joyous mischief in their songs. Duster's Lament, the band's new EP is a bit darker than their debut, but it's as apparent as ever that the band are having fun as they dig through life's bummers with a smirk." - POST-TRASH

"Yucky Duster are here to brighten your day.  They are four friends from Brooklyn who together make a DIY melodic punk racket – think of the energy of Hinds playing the songs of Mac Demarco with the attitude of The Vaselines and you’ll get close... This EP shows a significant development in their songwriting chops...  It’s a winning blend of tight writing and loose production." God is in the TV

You can - AND ABSOLUTELY SHOULD - pick up Yucky Duster's Duster's Lament on sunshine yellow cassette RIGHT HERE. Part of the Infinity Cat Cassette Series, curated by the always fantastic Casey Weissbuch.