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HEY NASHVILLE! I get it, we're the It City, there's a ton of stuff to do on the weekend and many Netflix shows to binge, but I'm tellin ya, THIS IS THE VERY BEST THING YOU COULD DO THIS WEEKEND.

Honestly, in general, the very best thing you could ever do is go to a free Daddy Issues show. But we hear that they're gonna have a very special guest on the drums tonight. A special guest whose name rhymes with Schmevan Schmird. From Schmiarrhea Schmanet. Plus, you have to wonder... Will they play new songs, from their top-secret-but-soon-to-be-released album? Well, we ain't gonna tell you! You'll just have to go and see for yourself! (BTW, if you haven't read Ruse Magazine's new feature on Daddy Issues yet, check it out here.)

PLUS, our dear friends in Savoy Motel are headlining! For those of you who have been living under a rock, that's Jess and Mimi from Heavy Cream's new band. And it rules. Not to mention the rest of the lineup, not to mention that they're gonna do it all over again with another free show on Saturday. C'mon! That's a no-brainer folks!

WEEK END ROUND UP: 7/30 - 8/5 August 05 2016, 0 Comments

  • NOISEY SEZ “RIGHT NOW, DIARRHEA PLANET MIGHT JUST BE THE BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE.” AIN’T THAT THE DANG TRUTH. Read their interview with Jordan, in which they spread the Gospel of DP with words like “And by the power vested in me as a dude who is writing about them on the internet, let me tell you the Diarrhea Planet are motherfucking sick” and “everyone who’s seen them live becomes a turbo-fan basically immediately”. Then pick up their “third and by far best album” Turn To Gold!
  • One week away from JEFF’s new album, Zone!! Get pumped by streaming their latest single “Roachin”, featuring vocals by Alicia from Bully. Yeah. Stereogum called it a “menacing, grumbling churner balanced and pierced by Bognanno’s sultry tone,” while the Nashville Cream described it as “sludge-kissed.” Aww! Now preorder your copy of Zone today!
  • Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is hitting the road next week for the Last of the Summer’s Wine Tour! (A tour name that really speaks to us.) Nashville, they’re playing a free in-store at Third Man on the 26th so duck out of your day job early and make sure to catch em! Everybody else, peep the rest of the dates here.
  • It’s never too late to show that Colleen Green ICCS tape some love! French blog Les Orilles Curieuses praised its unrelenting fuzzy reverb, languid voice, and slice of life lyrics (if our high school French is holding up ok). Catch Colleen on tour in Paris and all over Europe this October with Cassie Ramone! Dates & tix here.
  • Ex-Heavy Creamers Jessica, Mimi, and Dillon are back with a new band called SAVOY MOTEL, fronted by Jeffrey from Cheap Time. Okay so you already know that means it’s gotta be good. But you don’t know how great til you watch their new video for “Souvenir Shop Rock” on Noisey! Funky vocals to an even funkier tune - let’s boogie!
  • Jump over to IMPOSE for a great interview with Cyrus from Famous Class Records and Edan from Death By Audio (RIP) on their new 3-LP compilation “Start Your Own Fucking Show Space.” SYOFSS features live cuts from the last month of DBA’s shows, including JEFF The Brotherhood’s “Heavy Damage” from their last night. Take a listen, then pick up your compilation at Famous Class.
  • IT’S ART CRAWL TIME!!!! And lemme tell ya, this one’s gonna be especially awesome. First up, the Infinity Cat Visitors Center and Gallery is so so so so so so so proud to present “Learn To Eat Alone,” an exhibit of street photography by the 1 and only Wrenne Evans taken in London and New York over a period of two years. As always, we will have free drinks, cheap beer, snacks galore, music blastin, friendship forever, 6-9pm at the Cathouse.
  • Down the street, our friends at Fort Houston will be showcasing art by Harry Kagan of Music Band, Tuff Gus, and kkbbkb followed by a FREE ALL-AGES DIARRHEA PLANET + GNARWHAL SHOW. If you’re not in the neighborhood on Saturday night, buddy, we just don’t know what to tell ya.
  • Real quick before we go- just wanna wish our good friends, neighbors, burger/kickin ketchup providers Gabby’s Burgers a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

WEEK END ROUND UP: 1/31 - 2/6 February 06 2015, 0 Comments

Preorder the new Rozwell Kid tape & get a free download of "Hummus Vacuum"!

WEEK END ROUND UP: 1/11-1/17 January 17 2014, 0 Comments

Touring and streaming and recording and releasing and IT'S A BEEN A BUSY WEEK


Seriously, where'd everybody go?!

WEEK END ROUND UP: 1/4-1/10 January 10 2014, 1 Comment

2014 IS UPON US. And like many of you, we at Infinity Cat have some resolutions for this year, like using this blog more. So we're introducing the WEEK END ROUND UP.


Congratulations to two of the 30 Best Guitar Players Under 30 in the world!

"THE NEW, PUNCHIER HEAVY CREAM" July 05 2013, 2 Comments

Here's the latest review, in this month's issue of Razorcake.


SOLD OUT Everyone who see it says the same thing. Coolest Infinity Cat shirt ever! Hand drawn and hand-made by Jessica McFarland of Heavy Cream, we love love love this shirt. We had about 50 emails asking if they can buy the shirt separately, so here's the answer: nope! We really want this to be about Valentines Day, so we are only offering it as part of the 2013 Mix Tape package. Limited to 100, the Mix Tape rocks, and there is a hand made (by Sierra) CD as well. Every single one of them has a different cover! Add a Valentines Day card and some Sweet Tarts and you got Valentines Day in a box. A box that ships Priority Mail on 2/5. Orders end 2/4. We have a few left so we'll take orders until we run out or it gets too close to Valentines Day to get it there on time. Trust us, you will heart this!

ORDER BY FEB 4: VALENTINE'S MIX 2013 (LTD. TO 100) January 24 2013, 5 Comments


SOLD OUT We love love. We're all about it. And so is Valentine's Day. That's right, it's right around the corner and we have a sweeeet gift for you and your Valentine. THIS IS LIMITED TO 100 SETS. That's right: 100 cassettes, 100 t-shirts, and 100 CD's. Jessica has come up with the perfect t-shirt design, and Ale picked the love songs.

The cassettes are being manufactured, we're making the CD's by hand (of course), and we'll make the shirts on February 4th here at Infinity Cat. So we need all orders (and t-shirt sizes) by February 4th. Then we're gonna put the packages together and ship them Priority Mail so you get them in time for Valentines Day! Just $39!! (A bit more for international, cuz shipping is way more). We are excited for February 14th when we'll be wearing our matching shirts, trading Valentines, and eating a heart-shaped cake. Infinity Cat: Bringing people together since 2002!


HAPPY 2013. THANKS FOR THE BEST 2012. January 02 2013, 5 Comments

Thanks everyone for sending your wonderful well-wishes and presents our way. (Pictured: John Cosby's big bowl of British candy!) You're the best and we love you. And we keep getting those Infinity Cat tattoo pics- a whole lot of 'em this year (even our own Bob got one!). Actually, we're calling them Infinity Cattoo's. 2013 is going to be amazing. We plan to open our retail store here in Nashville so y'all can visit! In a couple weeks we'll bring a fresh vid from Heavy Cream, the SKIMASK LP "Cute Mutant" (100 copies, hand cut crazy sleeve, January 15th is the day), and then look for an album that will fry your brain from Diarrhea Planet. How 'bout a box set of all of the JEFF The Brotherhood 7''s, with new packaging and a full color book all about how those records came to be. And much more. And check out our sister label, Plastic 350 Records, where our pop music went to live (have you heard Monkey Bowl's cover of The Tropics?).

MAKE YOUR EGGNOG WITH HEAVY CREAM December 09 2012, 2 Comments

Hey! We got a nice surprise when we scored a box of these limited edition split 7"s featuring Heavy Cream and Those Darlin's. Released jointly by Infinity Cat and Oh Wow Dang Records, it was a tour-only release- but we scooped some up for you last minute gift givers. Be sure and order quick- we're thinking 12/18 will be the last day we can hope to get your package out for delivery by the 24th in the US. And there will be no reprint- when they're gone, they're gone!

"Nashville garage country gals (and guy) Those Darlins and fellow rock neighbors Heavy Cream have put together a solid 7” split in time for some autumn shenanigans. With a charming mixture of punk rock moxie and effeminate sass, Jesse Darlin drives “Summer’s Dead” and on “Prison Shanks”, Heavy Cream hit hard and fast behind a fuzz-happy wall of noise." (LO-PIE)
"Heavy Cream have a song called "Prison Shanks" that's hard as steel and impossible to not headbang to, and Those Darlins hit the garage-rock nail on the head with their new song "Summer's Dead." (THE STRANGER)
"Tennessee troupe Those Darlins makes convincingly and enjoyably bratty girl-group/Runaways-style rock & roll. Nashville's Heavy Cream sets the mood with scuzzy, rollicking garage rock." (TIME OUT NEW YORK)



The Dream Team is on the road, and you don't wanna miss it. Two of the greatest bands in Nashville rock history on tour together for the first time! With a great tour-only 7" to commemorate the good times. Heavy Cream is on fire, and their new album "Super Treatment" is grabbing the attention of fans, radio and critics everywhere. Here's the latest: "To give it to you straight: this album’s got intensity and swagger for days. It’s intense, but not macho or lunkheaded; it’s fuzzy-buzzy, but it doesn’t blow itself out and flatline. The band does a really good job of pushing the envelope without sending the whole thing up in flames- rock-solid, amazing sounding drums, great female vocals, and titanic wall-of-fuzz guitars. There’s very little ornament or frill here. The music is stripped-down and muscular. Shufflers like “John Johnny” would fit in pretty well with the DETROIT COBRAS, while “Bad Genes” could be a BRAIN F/ b-side. Tracks like the opener flirt with an OBLIVIANS sound – all the musical touchstones here are winners" (WAX TRASH). And if you missed their stellar debut, "Danny", we've got it back in stock, but this time with a random split swirly vinyl that's just plain beautiful. And Those Darlins "Screws Get Loose" is their best yet. Go see the best tour of the fall!

10/26 - Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands Gallery w/Those Darlins
10/27 - Philadelphia, PA  @ Johnny Brenda's w/Those Darlins
10/28 - Allston, MA  @ Great Scott w/Those Darlins
10/30 - Toronto, ON @ The Garrison w/Those Darlins
10/31 - Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Tavern w/Those Darlins
11/01 - Chicago, IL  @ Shuba's Tavern w/Those Darlins
11/02 - Grinnell, IA @ Grinnell College: Gardner Lounge w/Those Darlins
11/03 - Minneapolis, MN  @ 7th St. Entry w/Those Darlins
11/06 - Seattle, WA  @ Sunset w/Those Darlins
11/07 - Portland, OR  @ Mississippi Studios w/Those Darlins
11/09 - San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Shop w/Those Darlins
11/10 - West Hollywood, CA @ Troubadour w/Those Darlins
11/11 - San Diego, CA @ Soda Shop w/Those Darlins
11/13 - Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge w/Those Darlins
11/15 - St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway w/Those Darlins

"DANNY" IS BACK, IN SPLIT RANDOM SWIRLY VINYL! October 13 2012, 2 Comments

Heavy Cream's "Danny" is back and better than ever- available for the first time in split random swirly vinyl. And a lyric poster. And a download coupon. This is the debut that "sent the band to immediate underground-darling status" (HEARTY MAGAZINE). We've been playing our copy and singing along all day today, and we don't want you feeling left out! So jump on this one. First 10 orders will get the original signed tour DVD that came with pre-orders way back in the day.
"The needle on my turntable had been broken for what seemed like forever and the record I missed listening to most was this. First thing I did when I finally got a new needle was throw Danny on and have a one man dance party in my living room. Twelve songs running the rock’n’roll gamut of partying too hard, Tina Turner admiration, and dancing. Heavy Cream’s sound is ‘70s rock and punk-influenced and Runaways comparisons aren’t unwarranted."- RAZORCAKE  "a sticky, sweet musical sundae made with equal parts Ramones, Be Your Own Pet, and the Runaways. When lead singer Jessica growls "horror/hooooooorror" on "Heart of Darkness," you can't help but strike an angry pose and loll your head around on top of your neck like some sort of extra in Rock 'N' Roll High School. It's nice when music can make you feel like a bad ass. " - BUST MAGAZINE

WE LOVE YOU AND YOU LOVE US. THANKS. September 15 2012, 4 Comments

Hi there! Hello! We need to take a moment to tell you how happy you make us. Every week we pack up hundreds of packages and send them on their way to you, and that is very satisfying. Fun, even. So thanks for making our days so very busy with your appreciation for the music we love. We wanna share some amazing reviews with you. For Heavy Cream, Diarrhea Planet, and JEFF The Brotherhood. And on our sister label Plastic 350, Monkey Bowl and Art Circus. Here we go:

Heavy Cream "Super Treatment" "...the mostly female quartet soak their pugnacious brand of garage-rock hellfire with a thick and smelly distortion closely related to that favored by their (figurative) bros in JEFF." Spin "That intensity pays off on Super Treatment, a fast-paced album that takes a page from classic '70s bands like the Ramones and the Runaways. Recorded in San Francisco with the help of garage rocker Ty Segall on analog equipment a quarter-century old, the tracks capture the energy that the band brings with them to the stage."Elle "Listening to garage-punk band Heavy Cream is like speeding down the highway at 100 mph: fast, exhilarating, and a little bit dangerous."Nylon

Diarrhea Planet "Loose Jewels" "Its bouncy guitars are underpinned by some thunderous bass -- think the Romantics, taken on a desert rock acid trip with Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme." - Spin "The puerile name notwithstanding, this Nashville garage sextet comes from an illustrious line of punk rockers who are more interested in cracking jokes than in smashing the state (think of the Dwarves or the Dead Milkmen)." - The New Yorker "It's hard to say who was having more fun during Diarrhea Planet's set—the band or their audience....Diarrhea Planet was the only band of the day to get an encore, thanks to their utter devotion to keeping the crowd enthralled." Village Voice
JEFF the Brotherhood "We Are the Champions" "The addictive southern-rock drone created by the brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall out of a drum set and lone guitar sounds far larger than would be expected from a D.I.Y. two-piece, and it is propelling the Nashville duo quickly into the national spotlight." - New York Times "....they back up the balls of this album title." - Rolling Stone (David Fricke) "Instead, they aim their sound skyward, borrowing frequently from the ecstatic energy of The Ramones and the guitar heroics of AC/DC." - NPR "But the secret weapon on their second album is an unironic embrace of the elegant, harmony-rich hooks and wide-eyed lyrics of rock forebears the Righteous Brothers, which gives the Orralls' blistering tunes their own earnest, romantic edge."Spin


Monkey Bowl "Space"Space, not an album to be pigeonholed, is a diverse, mellow, lyric-driven record that outfits accessible pop in various masks from soft and acoustic to bright and sparkling. The 12-track collection features a  hushed, softer rendition of JEFF the Brotherhood’s “The Tropics” that has a delicate piano base. The record leans heavily on piano hooks, like “The Secret Life of Secrets,” and one of the best is the distinct outlier, even on this mish-mash album, “You All,” with its wiry guitar and retro pop rhythm.” - The Deli National
Art Circus "Apples and Oranges" "Art Circus combines the cute nature of Au Revoir Simone with traits of electronic pop and even (if just slightly) hip hop (at least on this song). Yes, that sounds a little odd, but check out “My Heart Hurts” and I think you’ll understand. The song is slightly melodramatic and moody, backed by a dreamy drum box and indie pop synths, all fronted by Halle Jane with vocals pure and sweet. “My Heart Hurts” follows what you’ll get on Apples and Oranges: light and playful near-twee electro-influenced indie-pop. It’s bouncy, entirely lovable and super fun. Within the album are eleven tracks where Halle lends her sweet vocals to the songwriting expertise of member Robert Ellis Orrall, with assistance form Al Anderson, Canaan Smith and Ben Jones. - Fensepost "Syrupy sweet and daydreamy, Halle Jane has narrowed the wide scope of Art Circus. An influence of Madi Diaz’s unassuming sweetness and acoustic pop sense mixed with whirly piano, earnest vocals and glossy production that make it sound like an ultra girly version of Owl City, Apples & Oranges is pastel-colored, cotton candy pop filled with peach and apple pie, whipped cream and kisses. The lyrics read like diary entries, and Halle completely takes over them, making them her own as she unabashedly sings about some extremely heartfelt, sticky stuff on the topic of love and relationships. Apples & Oranges isn’t a fluff pop record; there are intrigues here, like Halle’s unusual voice, which is soft, but substantial with an inquisitive lilt. And though the record is hooky beyond belief, it isn’t tiring to listen to, keeping pretty quiet and on an even tempo throughout, so that Apples & Oranges comes out endearing and infectious, rather than overtly sappy" - The Deli National





Thanks to a great Associated Press article written by Chris Talbot, the Huffington Post tells the world that Nashville has "the nation's hottest rock `n' roll scene."  The story continues, "They're amazing," Dan Auerbach said of JEFF The Brotherhood's Jake and Jamin Orrall. "They're just like absolute characters, and they're definitely the heart of that scene with those younger bands." The Orralls run Infinity Cat Records and with their dad, Bob, helped nurture the local scene – almost literally."
The story has been picked up by countless blogs and we couldn't be happier for the many bands mentioned that have great releases on this label: Heavy Cream, Diarrhea Planet, Cy BarkleyPUJOL, Natural Child and JEFF The brotherhood, as well as Turbo Fruits, D. Watusi, The Black Keys, Jack White and Kings of Leon. There's a direct link to Infinity Cat in the article, so if you're visiting us for the first time, welcome. Stay a while, pick up some great music on vinyl or CD. And y'all come back, ya hear?

D. BOONE WANTS "TINA" SHIRT, BUT WE ONLY HAVE SIZE L September 04 2012, 0 Comments

You know D. Boone loves his Infinity Cat Artisan Toddler T. But he seems pretty enamored by the classic Tina T- Heavy Cream's most popular! But we've only got them in size L. (L stands for Large, not Looks-Good-On-You, but we're sure it will). And we have less than 10, so if you want one, do it now. If you're too late, we'll let you know and hit you with a refund. But take it from us, a shirt is better than a refund! Take it from D. Boone. Literally. BTW, he wants you to follow him on Instagram: @dboone_infinitycat

HEAVY CREAM GOES #1 AT WKDU, AND OTHER NEWS June 19 2012, 2 Comments

Heavy Creams "Super Treatment" continues to rawk radio all over America, hitting the Top Ten in many cities. Like Philly's WKDU where it goes Number One!. Also on their chart: at #11"Sixpack", the first single from JtB, and at #12 "United States of Being", the new PUJOL album on Saddle Creek. "Super Treatment" is also kickin' KXLU Los Angeles @ #13, WMBR Cambridge, MA @ #6, and WUSB in Stony Brook, NY with another #1! Pick up a copy on vinyl HERE and CD HERE.
Jay-Z's killer website Life+Times did a nice photo spread from JEFF The Brotherhood's sold out show at The Bowery Ballroom this week. It's right HERE
Lot's going on the Planet called Diarrhea! Check out their blog for an update. And go ahead and order "Loose Jewels"- yeah, we ran out again but they are on the URP presses right now.
Remember, it's still Natural Child month. They are touring EVERYWHERE right now so be sure to see them, and pick up their great new record at Burger Records. And you can find "1971" and "Bodyswitchers" in our store.

July 11 in Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter (Facebook Event)
July 12 in Philadelphia, PA @ Philamoca (Facebook Event)
July 13 in Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium (Facebook Event)
July 14 in Baltimore, MD @ Golden West Cafe (Facebook Event)
July 15 in New York, NY @ The Cake Shop (Facebook Event)
July 17 in Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks (Facebook Event)
July 18 in Ft. Wayne, IN @ The Brass Rail (Facebook Event)
July 19 in Chicago, IL @ Township (Facebook Event)
July 20 in Nashville, TN @ The High Watt (Facebook Event)
July 21 in Oxford, MS @ Proud Larry's (Facebook Event)
July 25 in Birmingham, AL @ The Bottletree (Facebook Event)
July 26 in Atlanta, GA @ 529 Bar (Facebook Event)
July 27 in Athens, GA @ The Caledonia Lounge (Facebook Event)
July 28 in Chattanooga, TN @ JJ's Bohemia (Facebook Event)

Fri 6/8 - Springfield, MO @ Highlife
Sat 6/9 - St Louis @ El Lenador
Thurs June 14th - Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell's w/ King Tuff, Habibi
Sat June 16th - Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio w/ Tough Shits, Liqour Store, The Fox
Fri June 22 - Charleston, SC - Tin Roof w/ Birdcloud
Sat June 23 - Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn w/ Birdcloud
Fri June 29th - Knoxville @ Pilot Light
Sat, June 30th - Huntsville, AL @ Happenin Fest
Mon 7/9 - Austin, TX @ Red 7 w/ King Tuff
Tues 7/10 - Dallas, TX @ City Tavern w/ King Tuff
Wed 7/11 - Little Rock, AR @ Sticky Fingerz w/ King Tuff
Thurs 7/12 - Nashville, TN @ The Stone Fox w/ King Tuff
Fri 7/13 - Cleveland, OH @ Wonderful Fest
SAT 7/14 - Detroit, MI @ Lager House
SUN 7/15 - Chicago @ Cobra Lounge w/ King Tuff, Jaill
MON 7/16 - Milwaukee @ Quarters w/ King Tuff
TUES 7/17 - Carbondale, IN @ Skihouse
FRI 7/20 - Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree w/ The Growlers
THURS 7/26 - Harrisonburg, VA @ Blue Nile - w/ Birdcloud
FRI 7/27 - DC @ Comet Ping Pong - w/ Birdcloud
SUN 7/29 - NYC @ TBA Super Special Location w/ Birdcloud
MON 7/30 - Allston, MA @ Great Scott's w/ Skimask, Liqour Store
TUES 7/31 -  Burlington, VT @ Monkey House w/ Liqour Store
WED 8/1 - MONTREAL @ Il Motore w/ Blues Control
THURS 8/2 - OTTAWA @ Babylon w/ MV&EE
FRI 8/3 TORONTO  @ Magpie's
SUN 8/5 - CINNCY @ MOTR {free show]

WED 20 - New Haven, CT @ Café Nine   (headline)
THU 21 - Boston, MA @ TT The Bears (headline)
FRI 22 - Montreal, QC @ Il Motore   (headline)
SAT 23 - Toronto, ON @ Wrong Bar  (headline)
SUN 24 - Detroit, MI @ Small's  (headline)
MON 25 - Indianapolis, IN @ Radio Radio (headline)


Saturday was a very special day at Infinity Cat, and a kitten named "Stormy"* is very lucky indeed! Heavy Cream's Jessica McFarland brought the the little fuzzball to Infinity Cat headquarters and passed her on to her new owner Halle! Tears were shed, and not just from my allergic reaction- this is one cute kitten! She spent the day playing with string and batting paper balls around the kitchen floor and exploring her new surroundings. We expect "Stormy"* to be a regular visitor here at IC! Celebrate by getting Jessica's new Heavy Cream album HERE and Halle's new Art Circus album HERE. All orders for either album this week will be accompanied by a little picture of the new arrival!

*name subject to change!


"When most of us think of Nashville, we think of sticky hot summers, leaky old trucks, tall grass and charming Southern delights we can eat on a wooden stick. But we’ve got our eye on the grimy, garage-punk outfit Heavy Cream." So says fab mag Hearty. Hearty loves Heavy Cream, and we love Hearty! "Heavy Cream kick started their career with their 2010 debut LP smash Danny, which sent the band to immediate underground-darling status. The record presented the band as a powerhouse of catchy, sing-a-long punk with scrambled melodies and playful beats."Oh, and in case you missed it, our friends at  Red Bull just featured the girls as well. Check it!

June 2012 Tour
6/6 – Nashville, TN @ FooBar w/Grass Window
6/12 -  Boone, NC @ Black Cat
6/13 -  Raleigh, NC @ Berkeley Café w/JEFF
6/14 -  Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/JEFF
6/15 -  Washington, DC @ Red Palace w/JEFF
6/16 -  Philly, PA @ First Unitarian w/JEFF
6/17 -  NYC @ Cake Shop
6/18 -  B'lyn @ DBA
6/19 -  Bristol, VA @ Grind House (FREE SHOW)
July 2012 tour with Coathangers.


Chef Seth Riddle laid down a scrumptious crawfish boil at The Zombie Shop in Nashville last week, and everyone got the super treatment from "Nashville's prize punk export Heavy Cream", according to the The Spin at the Nashville Scene. "The crowd swelled with a cavalcade of local luminaries, including pop songstress Ke$ha, [btw folks, that's Art Circus lead singer and Infinity Cat office princess Halle in the photo] and most folks were either crowded about the stage or sitting off to the side picking apart plates of boiled crustaceans".  [Comedian Aziz Ansari was also reportedly in attendance] Read the whole article and catch the great slideshow by Emily Quirk RIGHT HERE! And pick up your copy of Super Treatment NOW!


May 8th is fast approaching, and will be that last day to make your hair sparkling clean while listening to Heavy Cream's monster of an album while staring at you autographed poster. Then the Ty Segall produced album will be available on LP (with download card) and CD. WE WILL NOT SHIP PRE-ORDERS UNTIL MAY 8TH, as we have had a delay with the shampoo manufacturer and shampoo will not arrive at our offices until May 7th. So sorry about that- we will stay out of the hair products business in the future! Everyone has been working hard getting the orders ready to ship the moment the shampoo arrives. And we will be sending "Super Treatment" pre-orders Priority Mail, while regular orders will be our usual Media Mail. So hang on tight, Heavy Cream will be in your mailbox soon! ORDERS AFTER MAY 5/5 MAY NOT SHIP UNTIL 5/11.


An article published yesterday in the U.K.'s most trusted newspaper reveals their picks for the 10 most essential bands outta the 'Ville. And you can find more than half of them right here on Infinity Cat! Thanks, Guardian! Here's what their saying: "Natural Child can sound like the Stones one minute, a stoner rock band the next". Pick up the 7" pictured in the article HERE and the full length LP "1971" right HERE. Heavy Cream is "snotty, rocky" music. Yeah, and wait til you hear the new album "Super Treatment". Until that's released May 8th, HERE is the full-length debut LP, "Danny". "Listen and marvel" they say of The Paperhead. Okay, we will. The vinyl full-length is right HERE. Diarrhea Planet "rock harder than any of their Nashville contemporaries"  and the proof is on their debut album "Loose Jewels" right HERE. Pujol is called "the man-most-likely-to" and we agree. His 7" vinyl "2010" is likely to blow your mind. Get it right HERE. And what's an article about Nashville rock without JEFF The Brotherhood, who are "not afraid to boogie". Okay! Boogie down to "Heavy Days" HERE and "We Are The Champions" right HERE. And btw, the Guardian also calls BYOP "the teen band who kickstarted Nashville garage rock". Well then that means THIS hand-made CD was the "kick" and THIS 12" EP was the "start" (The 12" is also available on swirly vinyl right HERE. And a shout-out to the other listers D. Watusi, Turbofruits, The Ettes, and The Sufi's!


Bob is back, and the results are in. Over 200 of you sent us your guess, and 26 of you were right. Bob was on the island of Vieques.  You can catch up on all the pictures on Twitter (and Instagram) at #ReluctantVacation.  And the lucky winner, chosen from the 26 geniuses, was Brad Kramer. Brad will be receiving a JEFF The brotherhood tote bag, LP's from Peach Kelli Pop, Diarrhea Planet, Heavy Cream and Hell Beach, 7"s from Denney and the Jets and Cy Barkley, the 5" JEFF "Golden Ticket" version of Shredder, and autographed posters from JEFF and Natural Child. Whew! It pays to know your geography. And be lucky, too. Follow Bob at @monkeybowl. Oh, and Brad just replied as we were typing this, saying "Thank you so much for doing the contest! Y'all are awesome! I can't believe I won, I never win anything!"  Congrats Brad.