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WEEK END ROUND UP: 1/11-1/17 January 17 2014, 0 Comments

Touring and streaming and recording and releasing and IT'S A BEEN A BUSY WEEK


SOLD OUT Everyone who see it says the same thing. Coolest Infinity Cat shirt ever! Hand drawn and hand-made by Jessica McFarland of Heavy Cream, we love love love this shirt. We had about 50 emails asking if they can buy the shirt separately, so here's the answer: nope! We really want this to be about Valentines Day, so we are only offering it as part of the 2013 Mix Tape package. Limited to 100, the Mix Tape rocks, and there is a hand made (by Sierra) CD as well. Every single one of them has a different cover! Add a Valentines Day card and some Sweet Tarts and you got Valentines Day in a box. A box that ships Priority Mail on 2/5. Orders end 2/4. We have a few left so we'll take orders until we run out or it gets too close to Valentines Day to get it there on time. Trust us, you will heart this!

ORDER BY FEB 4: VALENTINE'S MIX 2013 (LTD. TO 100) January 24 2013, 5 Comments


SOLD OUT We love love. We're all about it. And so is Valentine's Day. That's right, it's right around the corner and we have a sweeeet gift for you and your Valentine. THIS IS LIMITED TO 100 SETS. That's right: 100 cassettes, 100 t-shirts, and 100 CD's. Jessica has come up with the perfect t-shirt design, and Ale picked the love songs.

The cassettes are being manufactured, we're making the CD's by hand (of course), and we'll make the shirts on February 4th here at Infinity Cat. So we need all orders (and t-shirt sizes) by February 4th. Then we're gonna put the packages together and ship them Priority Mail so you get them in time for Valentines Day! Just $39!! (A bit more for international, cuz shipping is way more). We are excited for February 14th when we'll be wearing our matching shirts, trading Valentines, and eating a heart-shaped cake. Infinity Cat: Bringing people together since 2002!



Bob is back, and the results are in. Over 200 of you sent us your guess, and 26 of you were right. Bob was on the island of Vieques.  You can catch up on all the pictures on Twitter (and Instagram) at #ReluctantVacation.  And the lucky winner, chosen from the 26 geniuses, was Brad Kramer. Brad will be receiving a JEFF The brotherhood tote bag, LP's from Peach Kelli Pop, Diarrhea Planet, Heavy Cream and Hell Beach, 7"s from Denney and the Jets and Cy Barkley, the 5" JEFF "Golden Ticket" version of Shredder, and autographed posters from JEFF and Natural Child. Whew! It pays to know your geography. And be lucky, too. Follow Bob at @monkeybowl. Oh, and Brad just replied as we were typing this, saying "Thank you so much for doing the contest! Y'all are awesome! I can't believe I won, I never win anything!"  Congrats Brad.


It's a well known fact: Christmas stockings were invented to hold cassettes. True. There was no such thing as a "Christmas Stocking" until The Mercury Record Company introduced pre-recorded music cassettes to the U.S. in July 1966. The initial offering consisted of 49 titles. And everybody one for Christmas. So a tradition was born! Hang a stocking from the hearth, and the next morning...well, you know the rest. So we're just reminding you that you can make someone's dreams come true with Peach Kelli Pop, Natural Child, Heavy Cream, Diarrhea Planet, and we even found a few Paperhead cassettes as well.

What else is on your list? How about "We Are The Champions" on LP or CD ? Or how about:
PUJOL's "X-File On Main St." on CD
Uncle Bad Touch LP
Heavy Cream on LP or CD
Diarrhea Planet on LP
Peach Kelli Pop on LP
Natural Child's "1971" on LP or "Bodyswitchers" on CD
Hell Beach on LP
JtB's classic "Heavy Days" LP or CD
Finally, check out our fine selection of 7" singles, like this one from Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders

THE RARITIES AUCTION IS LIVE ON EBAY! November 26 2011, 3 Comments

The long awaited Rarities auction is on! Pictured are the actual metal stampers used to make the first run of We Are The Champions, one of 100 items for sale or auction on eBay right now. The seller name for these items is infinity_cat_recordings You'll find all of our auction listings right HERE.
We've got beautiful silkscreened posters, test pressings from nearly every artist on the label, out-of-print records, signed backstage passes, even an Infinity Cat wine bottle! And 10% of our proceeds from this auction will go to benefit Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp, whose mission is to support a culture of positive self-esteem and collaboration among girls while building community through music. So log on to eBay and have fun bidding!

BILLBOARD: INFINITY CAT #10 OF "50 BEST INDIE LABELS" August 18 2011, 4 Comments

Billboard magazine ranked our mighty little label at #10 in their list of the "50 Best Indie Labels in America". We're liking that. A lot. And we're thinking that maybe you're just discovering us and want to catch up. So for a limited time, we're offering a 6 album package of vinyl awesome-ness for a great price! "Heavy Days" JEFF The Brotherhood, "Peach Kelli Pop" Peach Kelli Pop, "Welcome to Hell Beach" Hell Beach, "1971" Natural Child, "Danny" Heavy Cream, and "Not Rocket Science" be your own PET. Add them all up and you'd be looking at 63 bucks. But you can buy the six-pack for 49! (more for international orders). Get caught up by clicking right HERE. Thanks for the shout-out, Billboard!


"I feel like all of it was birthed out of my reliving of my grunge era. The songs, the way they came out, the structure, the fuzz and the noise was kind of centered around that type of music as opposed to older types of music.". That's Brad Holland talking about his band Hell Beach. And we are proud to bring you their debut LP. Everyone’s buzzing about this record around the Infinity Cat house.
The first 50 copies sold will include a lim/ed postcard from Hell Beach.
Listen to “Ocean Floor” and "Garments", and you’ll hear what we’re buzzing about.
Check out their interview with Converse, who says “Hell Beach rocks in that old-school way that makes you want to bang your head and wear black t-shirts with the sleeves cut off.”
Former Whirlwind Heat/Skyblazer member Brad Holland on guitars, Jolene Boyce on drums, and Susan Tinsley’s vocals will take you deep into a dream you may never wake up from. You won't want to.

BOB'S END OF THE YEAR ODDS, AND ENDS December 30 2010, 3 Comments

Heavy Cream's "Danny" ends up on a bunch of year-end top ten lists. Now they're in the studio recording and we can't wait to bring you new music. Heavy Cream like wearing those Converse sneaks, and it turns out Converse loves them just as much. Take a LOOK (and check out the sweeet photo taken by, ahem, Justine Orrall). JEFF The Brotherhood featured on Nylon TV HERE, laid-back and Southern style. They leave soon for Europe to support the release of "Heavy Days" over there (with four bonus tracks- you can pre-order it from Stolen Recordings HERE). And since it's almost 2011, it's almost time for "We Are The Champions". We've finished moving into our awesome new building and will post a few picks someday soon. We're right across the street from where we get our records pressed at United Record Pressing, and we like that a lot. Just heard the test pressing of the Third Man Records upcoming JEFF live 12", and it sounds amazing. The generous talented Jeremy Ferguson at Battletapes has kindly posted his live recordings from the Candice Burnside Cancer Benefit on June 4, 2010 via our friends at Nashville's Dead. Help yourself to live sets from Ben Steine's Money, So Jazzy, PUJOL, Natural Child, and JEFF The Brotherhood. Jake and Jamin just returned from a great tour of Australia/New Zealand (here's a typical stellar reviewfrom one of a few shows with Nashville's darling Those Darlins), and we'd love you to hear their set from the Merideth Supernatural Amphitheatre, with some 9000 fans cheering them on. it's posted right HERE at Fan Made Recordings. If you live in Nashville, treat yourself to Grimey's this week and buy all the vinyl you didn't get for Christmas.
2011 will bring LP's from Natural Child, PUJOL, Hell Beach, JEFF The Brotherhood and more. By the way, did you know the TN Titans play at LP Field? It cost us a lot for those naming rights, but we believe in the power of 12" vinyl. We believe in 7"s too, so there'll be lot's of those, including a Best Coast/JEFF split and many more surprises. 2010 was our best year ever and 2011 will be bigger and better! So on behalf of Holland, Jamin and Jake, our heartfelt thanks to all of you. xoxo Bob

HELL BEACH IS COMING December 01 2010, 2 Comments

Are you ready for HELL BEACH? We are ever so pleased and ever so proud to be releasing the amazing debut LP by HELL BEACH in the springtime. It's exactly the record we've all been waiting for, its heavy grungy beautiful badass gothic noisy creepy balls to the wall rock music and yall are gonna love it. Just watch the video for "Ocean Floor" below!!! It just premiered on MTV's Music Blog!! Yeah that's Brad Holland of Whirlwind Heat and Skyblazer! Yeah he made JEFF The Brotherhood's "U Got The Look" music video! Get ready and get psyched, this shit is coming very very soon.

Hell Beach - Ocean Floor from Steven Piet on Vimeo.

AND!!! Here's some love from MTV!!!