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WEEK END ROUND UP: 7/16 - 7/22 July 22 2016, 0 Comments

  • HAPPY RELEASE DAY, TOBY COKE!!!! Kicking off the third year (!!!) of the Infinity Cat Cassette Series in style, we’ve got Toby Coke’s incredible debut album Time Negator on translucent red cassette, limited to 350 copies. As Mr. Coke says himself, don’t wait too long! Cuz we expect this one to go fast. Hear the whole thing at Brooklyn Vegan, who called it “appealing low-fi guitar pop that falls in the same universe as Wavves or Jaill, equal parts jangle, noise and big hooks.” Or more simply: “this is really good stuff.” You bet it is! Of course, it’s also available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, yr favorite record store, Amazon, THE WORLD!
  • Earlier in the week, IMPOSE debuted Toby Coke’s title track “Time Negator,” saying “while we aren’t short on summertime jams, there hasn’t been one quite like Toby Coke's 'Time Negator' to cross our paths in quite a while." Meanwhile, Stereogum called the first single “a biting garage-burner barking at loneliness in hopes of hearing the echo as companionship, simultaneously wounded and aggressive”.
  • ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT THING HAPPENING TODAY: WE ARE JUST A FEW HOURS AWAY FROM OUR RARITIES SALE ENDING!!! We got test pressings, we got out of print release, we got signed vinyl, we got signed bowling pins (?!), we got the rare and the funky stuff, but what we don’t got is time. Get yr bids in cuz it’s all ending at 6PM CST! And remember, a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit the Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp! OK best of luck!
  • Speaking of Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp, check out this clip of Daddy Issues playing a new song for this week’s YEAH! campers. Just a lil preview for ya!
  • Hmmmmmm it feels like maybe there’s something else happening today OH YEAH, YOU CAN PREORDER JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD’S NEW ALBUM ZONE ON DINE ALONE! At this point, we’ve lost track of how many times we’ve listened to their new single “Punishment” - if you haven’t heard it yet, listen below and then preorder now cuz we hear those colored vinyl bundles are going fast!

  • Actually there’s a lot of new music coming up, and we’re stoked on ALL OF IT. Like ICCS-alums Left & Right, who debuted their new song “Sleep Show” on American Songwriter this morning. Their debut Five Year Plan remains one of our most played tapes, and we know we’re gonna feel the same about The Yips! Preorder that baby on vinyl at WarHen Records.
  • Everyone knows Pizza Casey Weissbuch is a music makin machine, and he just shared a new tune from his solo project, Slanted! It’s called “Opening Number” and it’s a fuzzy pop masterpiece that you can hear on Steakhouse Records’ latest compilation. Try to listen to it just once, we dare ya.
  • Natural Child also unleashed a new song this week. It’s called “Sure Is Nice” and it sure does live up to its name! Check that out on The Fader, then preorder their upcoming album Okey Dokey on their very own Natural Child Records and Tapes!
  • Our buddies at URP called us up the other day to let us know that DP’s debut album Loose Jewels was gonna be their MILLIONTH RECORD PRESSED at their brand new facility. Whoa! So to celebrate, they took everyone on a tour of the new plant and DP got to help press some Loose Jewels! Check out the madness here, and yes, that means LJ is BACK IN STOCK on random color (mostly bright orange, neon yellow, and a pleasantly appropriate yellow-brown swirl) vinyl!
  • SHOWS YOU’LL CATCH US AT: Got a fantastic weekend ahead of us. One of our favorite bands, Dr Pepper Blues Band, is playing with Hound (featuring our dude Perry Shall!) at Queen Ave tonight. Then tomorrow it’s the Elliston Place Street Fest, with Diarrhea Planet!

WEEK END ROUND UP: 7/9 - 7/15 July 15 2016, 0 Comments

  • FIRST THING’S FIRST WE’RE TURNING 14 THIS MONTH WHICH MEANS IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER BIRTHDAY RARITIES SALE. Starts on our eBay page today at 6 PM CST and ends next Friday at 6 PM CST. Head over to our instagram for a lil sneak peek of what we’ll be posting, been sharing some of our cool finds over the week…
  • Next week is also the start of the Infinity Cat Cassette Series YEAR THREE and with it, the DEBUT ALBUM FROM TOBY COKE! And what a thought-provokin rock and rollin debut it is. Hear his newest single “Time Negator” on IMPOSE or Stereogum, then subscribe to the series here. Subscribers, we’re starting to ship out tapes and bonus items TODAY!
  • On Monday, Adam from Lightning 100 named Music Band’s “Day Stealer” his DJ pick of the day! He said “Music Band is the kind of group that restores a cynical, ear-abused music listener into a plucky, green wannabe savant again. Honest, spontaneous, listenable and plain good.” Check out the rest here!
  • Myspace made listed some Modern Artists Who Prove Punk Isn’t Dead and you KNOW Diarrhea Planet’s on that Top 8 for “embracing the proud rock and roll tradition of excess”!
  • Speaking of DP, we met our first GOLDEN TICKET finder this week! Congrats to Morgan, who found his lucky copy of Turn To Gold in a record store in Charlotte, NC and just went home with a buncha rare DP goodies. Good news for you is that means there’s still 9 tickets out there lookin for a home. So pick up a copy of Turn To Gold on vinyl and GOOD LUCK!

  • We’re usually on top of reviews, but some times they slip through the cracks. Like this one on “Radiating Fiber Plane” from RazMataz Magazine! They called the boys’ music a “technicolour stew,” which put a smile on our face this week. Read the rest (and listen to the single) here.
  • By now you know Natural Child is releasing their new album, Okey Dokey, on 9/16 on their very own Natural Child Records and Tapes. But did you know they’re following it up with a fall tour with Faux Ferocious? Now those are some must-see shows! So check out the dates here and make sure you see em.
  • Ya dude Stephen Thompson just posted his full video of Music Band’s album release show. Multi-cam super hi-res video and duh, excellent tunes. Let Music Band get you through your Friday afternoon.
  • Make sure to stop by the Yazoo Taproom this weekend! They’re serving up a special Exit/In inspired brew, paired with a celebratory 45th year 45 featuring Diarrhea Planet and Billy Joe Shaver. But only while supplies last, so really, we’ll see ya there!

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