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WEEK END ROUND UP: 6/21 - 6/27 June 27 2014, 0 Comments

FAN OF THE WEEK aka FAN OF THE Whenever wE feEl liKe it

WEEK END ROUND UP: 1/11-1/17 January 17 2014, 0 Comments

Touring and streaming and recording and releasing and IT'S A BEEN A BUSY WEEK

STORE-ONLY T'S: 3 DAYS ONLY! NEW LOOSE JEWELS! June 28 2013, 1 Comment


MEEMAW AT THE END TONIGHT January 22 2010, 1 Comment

MEEMAW plays their first show in a year at The End in Nashville tonight, also playing are JEFF The Brotherhood, Marj!, and So Jazzy! Check out this vid that Nashvilles Dead made!

MEEMAW - Interview from NASHVILLE'S DEAD on Vimeo.

MEEMAW PLAYING A SHOW? January 05 2010, 0 Comments

This just in from Wes Traylor or Natural Child:

"Meemaw and Infinity Cat recordings are excited to announce the first Meemaw show in a year. “We’re doing the show because we wrote new songs and have to play them. World Peace 2010.” After touring the country extensively on their highly acclaimed release “Glass Elevator”, Meemaw took a much needed vacation from music industry. “The Music Industry’s ring of power almost turned us into EVIL MEEMAW (WAMEEM) and we all shaved the sides of our heads.” Now we don’t shave and it’s time to save the world. “I’ll fight anybody who tries to fuck this up.”- WEZ

The show WILL be happening on January 22nd at The End and will be the first public appearance by MEEMAW in over a year. DON'T MISS IT! And pick up a copy of "Glass Elevator" to get you psyched if you don't already have it!

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