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THE OWL HOWLS OVER HEAVY CREAM September 08 2010, 2 Comments

The Owl Magazine flipped over our fave Heavy Cream in their review of HC's recent show at Union Pool in Brooklyn. Like this "The band dynamic of Heavy Cream was especially fun to watch, with each member contributing something vastly different to the band’s collective onstage personality. Bassist Daniel was cool as night, fully grooving on each song with a calm demeanor, while guitarist Mimi looked super badass thrashing her long hair around as she popped off one chord after another in quick succession. Even more intriguing was the juxtaposition created by drummer Melissa and singer Jessica (of MEEMAW); pounding on the drums with crazy energy, Melissa awesomely looked like she was having the time of her life, while Jessica looked intensely focused as she hammered out a constant stream of heady vocals while quickly tip-toeing foot to foot back and forth across the stage. Style really does count for something when it comes to live shows, and at the least, Heavy Cream has the potential to become reputable for their stage presence." And they said a lot more, too! Click the pic to read it all. And click the "Danny" cover to buy the kick-ass album!