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MORE LOVE FOR OUR FAV DUSTERS! February 06 2017, 0 Comments


It's Monday morning and we wish we were in Brooklyn. Why? Because YUCKY DUSTER is playing tonight at THE SILENT BARN and WE WANNA GO. But we can't, so you should go in our place and take lots of pictures and we will heart them all on Instagram and be like dang, we are v thankful for the ease with which the internet has brought distant experiences closer to home and we will smile and smile and we just won't be able to stop.

Turns out we're not the only people feeling this way in Nashville, cuz 50 Third and 3rd made "Duster's Lament" their song of the Day! They said "'Duster’s Lament' is a catchy, indie-pop diddy that leaves you feeling content- a happy and mellow punk-rock that leaves you reaching for the repeat button." Ain't that the truth. Check out the rest of their write up here and get some that Yucky Duster tape in yr life here!

Update: OH DANG! Radio K has beamed their Weekly Release Spotlight on Duster's Lament this week! Don't forget to keep callin and tweetin yr local college radio station and tellin em you wanna get DUSTY!!!