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"THE NEW, PUNCHIER HEAVY CREAM" July 05 2013, 2 Comments

Here's the latest review, in this month's issue of Razorcake.

"DANNY" IS BACK, IN SPLIT RANDOM SWIRLY VINYL! October 13 2012, 2 Comments

Heavy Cream's "Danny" is back and better than ever- available for the first time in split random swirly vinyl. And a lyric poster. And a download coupon. This is the debut that "sent the band to immediate underground-darling status" (HEARTY MAGAZINE). We've been playing our copy and singing along all day today, and we don't want you feeling left out! So jump on this one. First 10 orders will get the original signed tour DVD that came with pre-orders way back in the day.
"The needle on my turntable had been broken for what seemed like forever and the record I missed listening to most was this. First thing I did when I finally got a new needle was throw Danny on and have a one man dance party in my living room. Twelve songs running the rock’n’roll gamut of partying too hard, Tina Turner admiration, and dancing. Heavy Cream’s sound is ‘70s rock and punk-influenced and Runaways comparisons aren’t unwarranted."- RAZORCAKE  "a sticky, sweet musical sundae made with equal parts Ramones, Be Your Own Pet, and the Runaways. When lead singer Jessica growls "horror/hooooooorror" on "Heart of Darkness," you can't help but strike an angry pose and loll your head around on top of your neck like some sort of extra in Rock 'N' Roll High School. It's nice when music can make you feel like a bad ass. " - BUST MAGAZINE