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Bob is back, and the results are in. Over 200 of you sent us your guess, and 26 of you were right. Bob was on the island of Vieques.  You can catch up on all the pictures on Twitter (and Instagram) at #ReluctantVacation.  And the lucky winner, chosen from the 26 geniuses, was Brad Kramer. Brad will be receiving a JEFF The brotherhood tote bag, LP's from Peach Kelli Pop, Diarrhea Planet, Heavy Cream and Hell Beach, 7"s from Denney and the Jets and Cy Barkley, the 5" JEFF "Golden Ticket" version of Shredder, and autographed posters from JEFF and Natural Child. Whew! It pays to know your geography. And be lucky, too. Follow Bob at @monkeybowl. Oh, and Brad just replied as we were typing this, saying "Thank you so much for doing the contest! Y'all are awesome! I can't believe I won, I never win anything!"  Congrats Brad.

WHERE IS BOB? GUESS AND WIN A PRIZE PACKAGE. January 26 2012, 10 Comments

UPDATE: ONE DAY LEFT. YES, IT'S AN ISLAND. BUT EXACTLY WHAT ISLAND? Bob is on his Reluctant Vacation. He is on an island, yes. The sun shines all day, yes. But Bob loves Infinity Cat. It's really hard for him to tear himself away. Bob is tweeting his #ReluctantVacation so you can try and guess where is he is. If you think you know, email your guess to From all correct answers, a winner will be chosen to win a JEFF The Brotherhood tote bag with a bunch a good things packed inside. In the meantime, Infinity Cat is in the good hands of Halle (@hallejane4lyfe), Jessica (@heavycreamband) and yes, even Ale (@IAmAleDelgado). But it the meantime, head to #ReluctantVacation to guess where Bob (@monkeybowl) is listening to the next Heavy Cream LP with his toes in the water. Pictured Tweet: "Rum cocktail ruins my view of sunset"