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ONLY TEN TY/JEFF RECORDS LEFT. AND MORE NEWS. September 15 2010, 3 Comments

A few things you need to know. The lim/ed of 500 colored vinyl Ty Segall / JEFF The Brotherhood 7"s is down to the last ten, so scoop one up today. UPDATE: THEY ARE GONE. WE MAY RE-PRESS A BLACK VINYL VERSION. STAY TUNED. There's one on eBay today with a bid of over $30 US so we're just sayin'.... Next, Pujol's 2010 7" sold out yesterday, hope you got one. If not, you can still download the songs on iTunes. Finally, Natural Child plays at the Scion Garage Fest on 10/2 in Lawrence Kansas. And Scion is offering each band 5 pairs of tix to giveaway. Just email them at and tell them why you want to go so badly. And don't forget to pick up the new White Man's Burden 7"