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As a lot of you know, Bandcamp is donating their share of sales to the ACLU today, which is very cool. We aren't officially on Bandcamp, but a lot of the bands that we've worked with are, so we've compiled a list for those of you looking to support music and free speech today:

Big Surr:
Colleen Green:
Cross Country:
Cy Barkley:
Daddy Issues:
Dead Soft:
Denny and the Jets:
Diarrhea Planet:
Dion Lunadon:
Dirty Dreams:
Ed Schrader's Music Beat:
Faux Ferocious:
Fielded (Cake Bake Betty):
Guerilla Toss:
King Bitch:
Left & Right:
Milk Dick:
Music Band:
No Regrets Coyote:
Rozwell Kid:
Slanted (Casey Weissbuch):
Spanish Candles:
Stoneham Tapes (Breast Massage/old JEFF):
Study Hall:
The City and I:
Thunderzone (Juiceboxxx):
Toby Coke:
Uncle Bad Touch:
Wet Illustrated:
White Reaper:
Yucky Duster:

WEEK END ROUND UP: 1/11-1/17 January 17 2014, 0 Comments

Touring and streaming and recording and releasing and IT'S A BEEN A BUSY WEEK


Or something like that. Check out the vid HERE. Oh, you don't have to watch for long. It's the first album cover they go crazy for. Then they like or not like or hate some more. Perry Shall does A WHOLE LOT of our art and he's near and dear to our hearts. You may have met him on the road with JEFF The Brotherhood. You may have seen his band Dry Feet. But if you've ever bought anything from Infinity Cat, you almost certainly own some Perry Shall art. Loose Jewels? Uncle Bad Touch?  Wait 'til you see what he comes with next! Okay, Perry was just made a member of 467 Surf and Gun Club without firing a single shot! That should tell you something right there.


It's a well known fact: Christmas stockings were invented to hold cassettes. True. There was no such thing as a "Christmas Stocking" until The Mercury Record Company introduced pre-recorded music cassettes to the U.S. in July 1966. The initial offering consisted of 49 titles. And everybody one for Christmas. So a tradition was born! Hang a stocking from the hearth, and the next morning...well, you know the rest. So we're just reminding you that you can make someone's dreams come true with Peach Kelli Pop, Natural Child, Heavy Cream, Diarrhea Planet, and we even found a few Paperhead cassettes as well.

What else is on your list? How about "We Are The Champions" on LP or CD ? Or how about:
PUJOL's "X-File On Main St." on CD
Uncle Bad Touch LP
Heavy Cream on LP or CD
Diarrhea Planet on LP
Peach Kelli Pop on LP
Natural Child's "1971" on LP or "Bodyswitchers" on CD
Hell Beach on LP
JtB's classic "Heavy Days" LP or CD
Finally, check out our fine selection of 7" singles, like this one from Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders

THE RARITIES AUCTION IS LIVE ON EBAY! November 26 2011, 3 Comments

The long awaited Rarities auction is on! Pictured are the actual metal stampers used to make the first run of We Are The Champions, one of 100 items for sale or auction on eBay right now. The seller name for these items is infinity_cat_recordings You'll find all of our auction listings right HERE.
We've got beautiful silkscreened posters, test pressings from nearly every artist on the label, out-of-print records, signed backstage passes, even an Infinity Cat wine bottle! And 10% of our proceeds from this auction will go to benefit Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp, whose mission is to support a culture of positive self-esteem and collaboration among girls while building community through music. So log on to eBay and have fun bidding!

IT'S HERE. DEBUT LP FROM UNCLE BAD TOUCH! November 24 2011, 2 Comments

It's here! Uncle Bad Touch. The self-titled debut. We love this album! And to celebrate, we've got a great line-up for the album release show at Death By Audio in Brooklyn on 11/29. Also on the show: Liquor Store, Missing Monuments, and Bosco Delrey. Go have a great time and pick up your copy.  Not in New York? Pick up a copy right now, right HERE!
“I’d rather die / than die a normal guy” sang Mikey Heppner under the trees. No chance of that. The Priestess metal frontman took a rad left turn into Uncle Bad Touch, his crazy garage-alt side band. Between I Wanna Love You – with bassist Kathryn McCaughey cackling the lyrics over Heppner’s crunchily attenuated lines – and Baby Baby Baby Baby, they crammed more retro-prog ideas into 2:58 than a dozen Nuggets bands. Strange City Sing To Me ranks as an early Osheaga highlight. Mikey, with his new wave haircut and vintage Harmony Bobkat, likes ragged melody lines in a tight frame, and originality. The range is extensive and ramshackle – could’ve been the band opening for Pavement or QOTSA or a Clash/Sham 69 show in ’78. Crazy good." (MONTREAL GAZETTE)
Want more? "In the better-late-than-never department is the debut full-length from Montreal lo-fi psych band Uncle Bad Touch, released on their own Bumby label. This is grade-a, sugar-coated bub­blegum/psych that is sure to get toes tappin’ as you hum along to gleaming pop gems like “Strange City, Sing to Me,” “Only With You” and “Baby Baby Baby Baby.” Priestess’s Mikey Heppner and his better half Kathryn McCaughey trade off on the lead vocals, with McCaughey in particular proudly stating she’s this year’s Maureen Tucker. If you dig the psych sounds from 1967 to 1971, this is mandatory." (MONTREAL MIRROR)