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Ed Schrader's Music Beat reaches 150K plays & Music Band reaches all the way to Spain

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VICE/NOISEY debuts Music Band while SPIN unleashes Ed Schrader's Music Beat onto the world

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DP MP3 ON AOL! OK! October 25 2011, 2 Comments

AOL Spinner declares their love for Diarrhea Planet with a free mp3 download of "Warm Ridin'" RIGHT HERE.

But wait! There's more! Nu Rave Brain posts "Raft Nasty" RIGHT HERE, saying "First of all, Nashville, TN’s Diarrhea Planet have one of the best names I’ve ever heard. Does it help that they rule as well? It sure does. What can go wrong when you have four screaming guitars, wailing out songs that barely last over two minutes (there’s one track over 3 minutes on their LP) and basically shred asses. It’s a miracle that the guitars work together in absolute harmony, riffing, slaying, and finger-picking in mixing sublime melodies and tempos to perfection. Raft Nasty off their Infinity Cat LP, Loose Jewels, is just one standout of many. I can’t get their intricate riffs out of my head, the melodies mix and match perfectly and work together in a way that makes this jam a prime candidate for multiple back-to-back plays. If you haven’t seen Diarrhea Planet live, and unfortunately, I am one of those, you should probably get on that immediately. I know I am."

But wait! There's more!  The Village Voice raved about their NY show RIGHT HERE, saying: "It's hard to say who was having more fun during Diarrhea Planet's set—the band or their audience. The Nashville garage outfit hardly fit on Cake Shop's cramped stage, even though their normal four-axe onslaught was short by one guitarist. Their in-your-face rawness started a party even though the clock had yet to strike three, with many of their Nashville friends in attendance letting loose. Frontman Jordan Smith wore a shirt touting their Infinity Cat labelmates Jeff the Brotherhood—well, for the first three songs of the set, anyway. The band's yell-along lyrics focus on girls and drinking beer either until the sun comes up or until it's all gone—and, sometimes, they contain requests to God to forgive them for any of the stupidity that might result from said combination. Yesterday's onstage antics included dancing, beat-boxing, and even a game of 52 Pickup; there was also lots of shredding, through the crowd, behind the back, on top of the crowd and amps, even with their teeth. Diarrhea Planet was the only band of the day to get an encore, thanks to their utter devotion to keeping the crowd enthralled."

But wait! There's more! IMPOSE loves them too! RIGHT HERE, saying "Diarrhea Planet are buzzing along with glowing reviews from their album Loose Jewels and the garage shredding single "Raft Nasty." Heralding from Nashville, TN, these 6 bros have become a force to be reckoned with among their fellow luminaries the Coathangers, Fucked Up, Jacuzzi Boys, JEFF the Brotherhood, and the Spits, just to name a few. DP is a refreshing blast of nasty beautiful scuzz in a world of where hi-fi is the new lo-fi. We are all the better for their presence in our lives. Look for Loose Jewels on Infinity Cat out now."

But wait! There's more! There's always more!

VICE SAYS THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT April 16 2011, 0 Comments

VICE Magazine's next issue features a story on growing up JEFF The Brotherhood. It's worth checking out right HERE. In other VICE news, they have announced the launch of VICE Russia, and The Brotherhood will headline the magazine's launch party, April 29 at Moscow’s Solyanka Club! If you're going, click over to the show’s Facebook event page to RSVP. It will be intersensationational!