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I'M GONNA BE EXTRA GOOD TO YR VALENTINE January 21 2014, 0 Comments

Roses are red, violets are blue, honey is sweet, and we screenprinted some Valentine's Day shirts so check them out

WEEK END ROUND UP: 1/11-1/17 January 17 2014, 0 Comments

Touring and streaming and recording and releasing and IT'S A BEEN A BUSY WEEK


SOLD OUT Everyone who see it says the same thing. Coolest Infinity Cat shirt ever! Hand drawn and hand-made by Jessica McFarland of Heavy Cream, we love love love this shirt. We had about 50 emails asking if they can buy the shirt separately, so here's the answer: nope! We really want this to be about Valentines Day, so we are only offering it as part of the 2013 Mix Tape package. Limited to 100, the Mix Tape rocks, and there is a hand made (by Sierra) CD as well. Every single one of them has a different cover! Add a Valentines Day card and some Sweet Tarts and you got Valentines Day in a box. A box that ships Priority Mail on 2/5. Orders end 2/4. We have a few left so we'll take orders until we run out or it gets too close to Valentines Day to get it there on time. Trust us, you will heart this!

ORDER BY FEB 4: VALENTINE'S MIX 2013 (LTD. TO 100) January 24 2013, 5 Comments


SOLD OUT We love love. We're all about it. And so is Valentine's Day. That's right, it's right around the corner and we have a sweeeet gift for you and your Valentine. THIS IS LIMITED TO 100 SETS. That's right: 100 cassettes, 100 t-shirts, and 100 CD's. Jessica has come up with the perfect t-shirt design, and Ale picked the love songs.

The cassettes are being manufactured, we're making the CD's by hand (of course), and we'll make the shirts on February 4th here at Infinity Cat. So we need all orders (and t-shirt sizes) by February 4th. Then we're gonna put the packages together and ship them Priority Mail so you get them in time for Valentines Day! Just $39!! (A bit more for international, cuz shipping is way more). We are excited for February 14th when we'll be wearing our matching shirts, trading Valentines, and eating a heart-shaped cake. Infinity Cat: Bringing people together since 2002!