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WEEK END ROUND UP: 10/31 - 11/4 November 04 2016, 0 Comments

  • ALRIGHT BBS WE GOT A NEW BREAST MASSAGE SINGLE IF YOU THINK YR EARS CAN HANDLE IT. That’s right, the loudest band in Nashville and everyone’s favorite JEFF The Brotherhood/Diarrhea Planet/King Karl supergroup is our next Infinity Cat Cassette Series and their “brooding grungy crusher” first single “Bathing The Dog” premiered on Stereogum this week. Cruisin’ For Filth is out 11/25 on black-on-black tapes, and you can subscribe to our Cassette Series to guarantee that a copy (and a special bonus item) lands in yr doorstep ASAP.
  • Not enough Breast Massage for ya? Check out their spooky teaser video on Nashville Cream, featuring a “descent into sludgy riffery and mighty aggro growling” backed by the Nashville City Cemetery.
  • Get loud and #STAYLOUD with Skullcandy’s latest behind the scenes video of Diarrhea Planet’s insane Bowery Ballroom show.
  • NASHVILLE! JEFF The Brotherhood r back in town and playing The Basement East TOMORROW with Mom and Dad and Spodee Boy and if we don’t see you there crowdsurfin yer hearts out then I mean what are we even doing here buddy??? Tickets. Now. Show. Tomorrow. See you then.

  • DP is out on the road once again! Things are kicking off at Sound on Sound Fest in Texas tomorrow, then headed out further west with the dudes in Lovely Bad Things. Check out them dates here and get your tix!
  • Peep some pics of NASHVILLE YOUTH CULTURE by ya girl Wrenne Evans on TMRW Magazine. They are a) very dope because she is very talented and b) full of young punks we love. #RIPJAWWS
  • Our buddy Perry Shall, who you definitely know as the artist behind a ton of JEFF The Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet album covers and t-shirts, got a sick feature in Bandcamp Daily last week. Get the scoop on how he got into making his brilliant art here.
  • Two of our fav bands, Big Surr and Savoy Motel, are in The Deli Nashville’s Artist of the Month poll. We can’t tell you how to vote, but we can tell you TO vote. Cuz November’s the time to do it!
  • Radio shows you’ll catch us listenin to: INDIE ROCK HIT PARADE! Tonight at 11 PM EST/10 PM CST, hear Diarrhea Planet shred their way through the WXPN studios!

WEEK END ROUND UP: 7/30 - 8/5 August 05 2016, 0 Comments

  • NOISEY SEZ “RIGHT NOW, DIARRHEA PLANET MIGHT JUST BE THE BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE.” AIN’T THAT THE DANG TRUTH. Read their interview with Jordan, in which they spread the Gospel of DP with words like “And by the power vested in me as a dude who is writing about them on the internet, let me tell you the Diarrhea Planet are motherfucking sick” and “everyone who’s seen them live becomes a turbo-fan basically immediately”. Then pick up their “third and by far best album” Turn To Gold!
  • One week away from JEFF’s new album, Zone!! Get pumped by streaming their latest single “Roachin”, featuring vocals by Alicia from Bully. Yeah. Stereogum called it a “menacing, grumbling churner balanced and pierced by Bognanno’s sultry tone,” while the Nashville Cream described it as “sludge-kissed.” Aww! Now preorder your copy of Zone today!
  • Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is hitting the road next week for the Last of the Summer’s Wine Tour! (A tour name that really speaks to us.) Nashville, they’re playing a free in-store at Third Man on the 26th so duck out of your day job early and make sure to catch em! Everybody else, peep the rest of the dates here.
  • It’s never too late to show that Colleen Green ICCS tape some love! French blog Les Orilles Curieuses praised its unrelenting fuzzy reverb, languid voice, and slice of life lyrics (if our high school French is holding up ok). Catch Colleen on tour in Paris and all over Europe this October with Cassie Ramone! Dates & tix here.
  • Ex-Heavy Creamers Jessica, Mimi, and Dillon are back with a new band called SAVOY MOTEL, fronted by Jeffrey from Cheap Time. Okay so you already know that means it’s gotta be good. But you don’t know how great til you watch their new video for “Souvenir Shop Rock” on Noisey! Funky vocals to an even funkier tune - let’s boogie!
  • Jump over to IMPOSE for a great interview with Cyrus from Famous Class Records and Edan from Death By Audio (RIP) on their new 3-LP compilation “Start Your Own Fucking Show Space.” SYOFSS features live cuts from the last month of DBA’s shows, including JEFF The Brotherhood’s “Heavy Damage” from their last night. Take a listen, then pick up your compilation at Famous Class.
  • IT’S ART CRAWL TIME!!!! And lemme tell ya, this one’s gonna be especially awesome. First up, the Infinity Cat Visitors Center and Gallery is so so so so so so so proud to present “Learn To Eat Alone,” an exhibit of street photography by the 1 and only Wrenne Evans taken in London and New York over a period of two years. As always, we will have free drinks, cheap beer, snacks galore, music blastin, friendship forever, 6-9pm at the Cathouse.
  • Down the street, our friends at Fort Houston will be showcasing art by Harry Kagan of Music Band, Tuff Gus, and kkbbkb followed by a FREE ALL-AGES DIARRHEA PLANET + GNARWHAL SHOW. If you’re not in the neighborhood on Saturday night, buddy, we just don’t know what to tell ya.
  • Real quick before we go- just wanna wish our good friends, neighbors, burger/kickin ketchup providers Gabby’s Burgers a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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