Diarrhea Planet "Turn To Gold"


At long last! The face-melting, highly-anticipated, larger-than-life third album by Diarrhea Planet. Recorded and produced by Vance Powell (JEFF The Brotherhood, Jack White, PUJOL), Turn To Gold takes the joyous energy of Diarrhea Planet's live show and pushes it through your eardrums straight to your heart. And by the way, 10  9 (someone just found one!) of the records have handmade, hand-numbered golden tickets in them that get you a special secret pack of Diarrhea Planet rarities! GOOD LUCK!

Here's what people are saying about Turn To Gold already!

"Now, right now, is the time to know Diarrhea Planet — the Nashville six-piece with a name so repellent the music has no choice but to be undeniable. With their third album, Turn to Gold, announced today and due out this summer on Infinity Cat Recordings, the band deliver on that proposition and then some, asserting their claim as one of the best — and most fun — young rock outfits in America." Buzzfeed

"Turn To Gold represents a more muscular, confident Diarrhea Planet. It’ll come out almost three years after their last full-length.. which means this Diarrhea Planet is an older, maybe even wiser group of dudes still wielding the ridiculously over-the-top power of chunky riff-rock running on four guitars... As our own Tom Breihan put it when Diarrhea Planet released their new single 'Life Pass': 'If Diarrhea Planet don’t blow the fuck up this year, something is seriously wrong with the world.'" Stereogum.

"Turn to Gold may be one of the most hopeful and transparent records to come out this year... Cynicism enters our lives and we begin to realize that maybe rock and roll can’t change the world like we thought it could when we were kids. Diarrhea Planet refuse to think that way." Consequence of Sound.

"With a name that started as a gross and goofy joke among six twentysomething friends, Diarrhea Planet has transcended its off-putting moniker, thanks in part to its potent and sometimes ridiculous mix of blistering garage rock, pop punk, metal and even Southern rock." NPR.

"Music has no right to be this fun." USA Today.

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