Don't Be Afraid

Jake, Jamin and Bob started Infinity Cat in 2002 to bring you new music. And with our 79th release headed to the factory, we've tried our best to do that. So this week we present our "Don't Be Afraid of New Music" 7" and 12" series, limited to 25 of each. 

The 7" package of FIVE 7"s and bonus flexi includes Wet Illustrated's "Scorpio Wings", PUJOL's "2010", JEFF The Bro-hood's "Sixpack", Big Surr's "Baked and Bruised", and Heavy Cream's "Prison Shanks" (b/w Those Darlin's "Summer's Dead"), all tied together with a "Melting Place" flexi on top. 

The 12" LP package includes Cy Barkley and the Way Outsider's "So Bad", Hell Beach's "Welcome To Hell Beach", Uncle Bad Touch's self titled and "I Don't Wanna Go Into The Darkness" by JUICEBOXXX, all lovingly enclosed in a JEFF The Brotherhood "Don't Be Afraid" tote.

Don't Be Afraid of new music!

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