Ed Schrader's Music Beat "Party Jail"


Ed Schrader's Music Beat is Ed Schrader and Devlin Rice, a minimalist punk duo from the fair city of Baltimore, MD. In the beginning there was only Ed: a man unhinged, channeling to the world a sacred message in the form of song. His divining instruments: a single floor tom, one light, and a commanding baritone. Ed was soon joined by Devlin on bass, who proved to be an acute match for encapsulating the space-time from whence they came. Their union brought about the release of Jazz Mind, which SPIN called the sound of "the unfiltered, primordial joy of pounding on shit." Party Jail picks up where Jazz Mind left off, adding a skillfully crafted, minimal pop vibe to their already terse punk sound. Features a new version of "Radio Eyes," originally released on Sub Pop's 2013 Record Store Day compilation; "Televan," which SPIN said was "a minute-and-a-half's worth of irresistible, in-your-face post-punk;" and 11 other badass tunes.

Available on black vinyl, translucent yellow cassette, CD, and digital download.

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