Guerilla Toss


Guerilla Toss is everyone’s favorite Boston based mosh-funk shit-wave noise band. In the past 2 years “Gtoss” has stripped down naked, toured relentlessly, and released a slew of genre bending vinyls, tapes, and CDs on popular underground labels such as NNA tapes, Feeding Tube, Sophomore Lounge, and John Zorn’s Tzadik label amongst others. 
367 Equalizer, their newest release for Nashville-based label Infinity Cat, continues to explores the bands twisted take on pop music, psychedelia, FUNK, and new age philosophy. In a recent interview, drummer and composer Peter Negroponte was quoted saying the following in regards to their newest material: “I dig on people getting drunk, smoking a little herb, and moshing, crowd surfing, or whatever it is that kids do at our shows… However, I’d also like their to be room for some of the more gentle folks that just wanna drop some bomb liquid L and trance out in their own zones, ya know? That’s the vibe I’m going for with our new jams - you can get rowdy, or you can just tune in and drop out.”  
Guerilla Toss continue to consciously avoid traditional harmonic and melodic songwriting aesthetics. 367 Equalizer differs from their previous releases in that the focus is on repetitive and trance-like compositions. Elements of the traditional noise-rock cannon continue to bubble to the surface, but there are also newer influences oozing below. Faint smells of Flowers Of Romance-era Public Image Limited, Talking Head’s Remain in Light, or even the funk styling of James Brown’s The Payback creep slowly from the oven. “It’s dance music, it’s rock and roll, and it’s dark, fucked up, and psychedelic”, says guitarist Arian Shafiee. 367 Equalizer is clearly a trip, and if you have yet to sip the laced Guerilla Toss "kool aide," the time is now.



Tour Dates

11/20 - New York, NY @ Villain - TIX