Jawws is a hard fast loud band of best friends. After only a year in existence and a few drivers' licenses between them, they've torn through the Nashville punk scene to claim it as their own. They caught the ear of JEFF the Brotherhood, who released their first single on their homegrown label Infinity Cat Recordings. They melted the brains behind Third Man Records, who had them play their record-breaking Record Store Day party. They even inspired the Nashville Scene to create a whole new category for their annual Best Of issue, just so they could deem Jawws the "Best Teenage Punk Bank" in town. Actually, you know what? We'll let them handle it from here:

"The best punk band to grace this city since Diarrhea Planet penned “Ghost With a Boner” features the progeny of local rock power couple Cortney and Todd Tidwell. The median age of Jawws is probably 16, and yet they sound more like Black Flag than either of the Black Flag spin-offs currently on tour. Eli Tidwell makes Henry Rollins look like Morrissey, bouncing into mosh pits and leaping off stages with ultimate vigor. Their first recordings — all about skateboarding, girls and destruction, natch — bode well for Nashville’s punk-rock future."

We've seen the future, and it's Jawws. 





3/10 - Nashville, TN @ Freakin Weekend VIII - TIX