King Bitch


The first incarnation of “Lost in the Party: The Best of King Bitch” was a batch of 30 hand-dubbed cassettes that were given away for free at a house show in Nashville, TN. The tapes were gone within 30 seconds of the band finishing their set! If you lost out, well, you just lost out, bud. But when the folks at Infinity Cat realized they still hadn’t taken “Lost in the Party” out of their tape decks, they figured it was time to introduce King Bitch to the masses.

You might think it’s presumptuous for a band to treat their first release like a greatest hits album, but after listening to “Lost in the Party,” you’ll have to admit that it is the best. It’s ten bite-sized tastes of catchy, head-bopping Ramones-style punk with gut-punching drums, infectious guitar riffs, and vocals straight out of the underbelly of frontman Casey Weissbuch’s throat. It’s hit after hit after hit, delivering you directly into the mouth of the beast. King Bitch might not be the toughest or roughest around, but they’re the best-- and don’t you forget it!

Also featured on our annual Hits from the Streets compilation featuring four of our favorite up-and-coming Nashville bands.




Tour Dates

4/22 - Nashville, TN @ Elberta House - INFO
4/25 - Nashville, TN @ Zeitgeist 2015 - TIX
5/1 - Nashville, TN @ Two Boots* - INFO

*w/Big Surr, Music Band, Sex Hotel, The Spanish Candles, UZI