Milk Dick

Milk Dick


Milk Dick is an avant-punk trio that formed in 2012 when childhood friends Michael Delaney and Megan Lazaros decided to start a band as a way to sublimate their perversion. Brian Indig joined the group after being put in touch with Mike through a mysterious and seductive mutual acquaintance.

Romantic Superstore is the fifth installment of the Infinity Cat Cassette Series, curated by Casey Weissbuch of equally repugnantly-named Diarrhea Planet. The album covers everything from the trials and tribulations of love and sexually transmitted diseases (”Bugs”) to New York’s vibrant party scene and less-than-vibrant puking-in-the-subway scene (”Last Real Party”). Milk Dick get half of their sonic quirks from Velvet Underground: the drum stylings reminiscent of Moe Tucker, the spoken word interludes, the “I’m Sticking With You” pop-doppleganger “Never Let On”. The rest come from punk heroes: The Clash’s vocal delays, the Cramps’ yelps, the Ramones’ fast and sloppy non-stop pop. Milk Dick pays homage in equal amounts of high fives (or hang tens) to The Crablets and The Beach Boys, but with their own hilarious twist.  





Tour Dates

7/2 - Brooklyn, NY @ Aviv w/Left & Right* - TIX
7/7 - New Orleans, LA @ Siberia^ - TIX
7/8-  Memphis, TN @ Murphy's^
7/9 - Nashville, TN @ Betty's
7/10 - Lexington, KY @ Best Friend Bar^
7/11 - Bowling Green, KY @ Tidball's^
7/12 - Cincinnati, OH @ Junker's Tavern^
7/13 - Chicago, IL @ TBD^
7/14 - Detroit, MI @ UFO Factory^ - TIX
1/6 - New York, NY @ Shea Stadium - TIX

^w/Left & Right
*w/Flower Girl